24/03/2015 08:23 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:59 BST

The Most Stylish Chancellor of the Past 50 Years

You don't expect sartorial elegance from the Chancellor of the Exchequer but on the last Budget before the election, clearly George Osborne's image consultants were pulling out all the stops.

And on the whole he pulled it off.

A slim fit, slim lapel three button single breasted suit jacket with hand stitched detailing, short arm length, and short vents at the back. Teamed up with a slate grey metallic tie, with a small four-in-hand knot, and a classic collar white shirt. A feathered Julius Caesar style hair-cut brushed forwards and also just a hint of make-up (for the cameras) - and a good stone lighter than his 2001 self.

It was a good look and quite easily put him in the running for best dressed Chancellor in the past 50 years. Admittedly the competition from Ken Clarke, John Major, and Alistair Darling isn't exactly that strong, and the only thing Gordon Brown wore well was a scowl.

So he's at the top of the league of British politicians, but that effectively puts him top of the Conference South League of Style, so here's a few tips to get him promoted to the Premiership.

Dear Mr Chancellor,

If I could make so bold, here are a few style pointers. It is current style to have a shorter arm length on your suit jacket - but if you do, you need to have a shorter length shirt as well - otherwise you can look like a schoolboy who's grown out of his uniform.

The same thing goes for cropped trousers. I noticed you wore yours cut short, with no break and a clear couple of centimeters above your shoes - this is fine and is on trend (probably not for much longer though now) - but if you do wear your trouser high, they have to be cut very slim - and yours weren't slim enough and they billowed over the shoes.

Back to my previous school analogy, and this kind of gap would have merited comments in the playground about trousers and shoes "having a row" or "getting a divorce".

But on the whole the budget suit cuts were as well received as the tax cuts. So, all that's needed now is taking VAT off all clothing purchases and then the sun will definitely be shining on British Fashion.

Oliver Tezcan is the Founder of menswear online store