23/05/2016 08:30 BST | Updated 24/05/2017 06:12 BST

The Night Tube

So it's happening, my brothers and sisters. The Night Tube.

First of all, let me just suggest some nicknames for you.

The Dark Worm

The Snake of Despair

The Mystifying Eel

I've started a poll on my twitter page. (@thatoliviajones if you never want to miss an opportunity like this again). I wouldn't like to assume what the Night Tube is going to be like but after once speaking to the ticket inspector on the high speed service from St Pancras International to Strood, I understand that the later the service, the more unpleasant the experience. He nick named that service the Vomit Comet, which I think dangerously glamourises it.

So here's a selection of comments about the Night Tube from those who have access to the internet. As we understand it, access to the internet qualifies you to say whatever you want and avoid all responsibility for it. (Henceforth, I will not take responsibility for this article and any offence it causes you).

Rather than trawling, I searched key words.

Search: Night Tube Disaster


Search: Night Tube Bad


Search: Night Tube Good


Search: Night Tube Great


Search: Night Tube Don't Care


Looking at the facts, I literally don't know who asked for the Night Tube in the first place. Overwhelming the response feels like 'TFL, YOU IDIOTS' (or maybe people who are happy about it are giving it a mental thumbs up and moving on with their life. I don't know, its too hard to tell).

BONUS FACT: The Mystifying Eel is launching on the 19th Of August 2016.