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Twitter, Teenagers and One Direction

This has been the easiest article I've ever had to write. Hopefully not because I am so egotistical that I've been planning for months to showcase my praise but because it's an exciting time to showcase how wonderful this world is, including the people that exist within it. I've previously written about the audacity that some people online have. To attack strangers and criticise them with no regard for the way they are making that person feel. HOWEVER, and that's a big however, there are tonnes of people online who have fabulous things to say and here I'd like to showcase them. Prove that positive comments should absolutely be given the limelight.

I mean look at the this great person, she was annoyed she didn't get tickets to see One Direction but still made time to say something nice:

And this one here:

And look at all these other grateful one direction fans who were gracious enough to congratulate the winners:

And I'm so glad, they know that I care about them

Here are some Selena Gomez Fans:

Here are some people just bigging up my show in general:

What is really fabulous is that there are so many more in my arsenal. Bucket loads of ruddy nice teenagers being kind and supportive to not just me but to strangers who have something they want. Who they'd have every opportunity to tear down through animalistic jealousy and the fact they don't, warms the cockles of my heart. I hope you can see this for what it is though. Perhaps in the same way that people sit behind computers and send abuse because it's something they'd never say in real life, sadly this might also be true of praise. If everyone said the nice things that I've experienced online to just one other person, once a day, it might make a difference. I genuinely believe that. Thank you once again to those who send me lovely messages, the really do matter.

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