09/11/2016 08:01 GMT | Updated 09/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Does Breastfeeding Get On Your Tits?

Does it really get on your tits when you hear about a mum deciding to breastfeed her Tiny Human for as long as possible?

Do you really give a cracked nipple if a mum you don't even know has chosen to breastfeed her Tiny Human until he's four years old?

Do you really get your bra straps in a twist when you hear that a mum is trying to raise awareness of a choice in Motherhood that thousands of Mums are doing but not talking about for fear of judgement?


You really have time for the decisions another mum is making for what she feels as a benefit of her little family to get under your skin enough to be driven to ridicule her and her choices?


Well in true Shirley-outspoken-Valentine-style, "TICKLE MY TITS TIL TUESDAY" is what I would like to shout from the rooftops this morning!

I've just come across the article in the Daily Mail on the British mum, Sophie Emma Rose, who now lives in Chang Mai with her family and how she posts videos on Youtube of her breastfeeding her son to help raise awareness of feeding older children (her son is currently 4 years old) and I've got to say the weirdest thing I found about the article was not the sight of her son feeding from her but infact the downright idiotic and venomous abuse she has received because of it.

Oh, and before anyone decides to shout at me "Shut up you hippy dippy perverted mummy supporter of the breastfeeding brigade banging your breastfeeding drum and making the rest of us feel inadequate" I bottle fed both my Tiny Humans, I also breastfed both of them (my eldest for 6 weeks and my youngest for 3.5 months) and then switched to formula and I am very much of the "feeding" your Tiny Human brigade, bottle or breast I really couldn't care less how you feed your Tiny Human as long as they are getting....yes you guessed it FED!

So why the hell does everyone care so much about the choices this woman (who I would like to place my fave maternity bra on that none of them actually know or have met) makes? Why do we feel the need to sling mud, to debate over whether she is a bad mum scarring her child forever, that she is not a fit parent, that she is disgusting and crossing the line from nurturing into the perverse?


Have you nothing positive to take from it? You know like, the facts that she is taking care of her Tiny Human the best way she can, that he is happy and loved, that he is cared for and she is trying her best to be the best Mother that she can? Oh and add in the fact that they live somewhere he gets to spend a lot of his time growing up running on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear waters of chang Mai - God someone please call the NSPCC or Esther Rantzom and report this uncaring, uloving mum RIGHT NOW!

People let's just STOP berating mums making THEIR choices for THEIR Tiny Humans and THEIR families. She is not feeding him smack. She is not serving him up Gin chasers. She's feeding him milk, milk that she made and he is drinking it out of her boob not a shot glass laced with MDMA. She's not shoving her nipple in your mouth so why the hell are you bothered?!!

Let's stop the judgement and parent bashing and keep that back for the people who deserve it shall we? You know the parents who abuse their Tiny Humans, The parents who think it's ok to use their Tiny Humans as punch bags, the parents who should never have been honoured with the title of Mummy or daddy as they are unsafe and evil human beings.

Let's not judge the normal mummy who is just loving and taking care of her little family with nothing but love and care in mind. Life is too bloody short and f£$%@£ up enough.

Lots of love and support to all parents feeing their Tiny Humans the best way they know how and to anyone passing judgement on them - don't be such a judgemental TIT!

Liv xxxx


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