Summer, Summer, Summertime

How To Make The Most Of British Summertime

As Brits there's nothing we love more than (being super underprepared for) the summer, we spend 12 months of the year banging on about it. We miss it when it's gone and ruin it when it's here.

So here are some tips to help you fully appreciate that hour of sunshine we get each year:

• At the first sign of sun, take off every item of clothing you can (without getting your name put on a register) and bring those dolphins, devils and tribal patterns out to play.

• Make the most of the nice weather by spending half your day inside updating your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Bebo, letting people know the suns out.

• To best show your appreciation for the sun, use as many summery emoticons and hashtags as possible every time you post #welovethesun #BritLogic #sun

• Sit out in the sun until you look like you're auditioning to work at Butlins. The swelling and redness will eventually go down. We don't get the sun often so risking getting a melanoma is completely fine.

• When your bedroom is so hot you can't sleep, and you're feeling like the inside of Lee Evan's suits, don't reach for the fan, reach for your phone, and use your time not being able sleep to pen a detailed account of your struggle to share with Facebook the next morning.

• Moan about how much you miss snow.

• Avoid being sober and washing for four days at a time by going to as many festivals as you can. Girls don't forget the flower headbands; it doesn't count if you don't wear a flower headband.

• Go round telling everyone how healthy they look.

• Guys, wear your Hawaiian flowery board shorts, white vests and flip flop combo at every possible chance, us girls just dig that.

• Most importantly, live every sunny day as if it were your last, because it will be, it'll be raining tomorrow.

(Enjoying a lovely balmy July day)


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