27/02/2015 06:06 GMT | Updated 27/04/2015 06:59 BST

Nine Ways to Win the Heart of a Man (on the First Date)

Winning the heart of a man may seem complicated, but it's actually quite simple. The key is to not overthink it, embrace your beautiful feminine essence and have fun! When dating a man, there are simple tips that will happier, confident, and more alluring.

1. Smile! Did you know that smiling is the easiest way to feel better, look more attractive, and it even burns calories? It's also the number one tip from my gorgeous fiance.

2. Laugh. Your joy is contagious and a pure expression of who you are, so share it with everyone! Your sense of humor is an easy and fun way to connect, and can also ease any tension or nervousness.

3. Do some power stances before your date. Body language affects how others see us, but it also has a positive impact how we see ourselves. Try standing with your feet hip width apart, head high, chin up, and hands on your hips. Hold this pose for two minutes. Extra points if you smile at the same time!

4. Look and feel great. Take time to do something nice for yourself before your date. For example, take a bath, get a manicure or have your hair professionally done. By making an effort to look and feel your best, you'll radiate confidence and be more open to love.

5. Talk about what you are passionate about. Do you love your job? Volunteer for a cause? Have a hobby that lights you up? Share that! When you share what you love with others, you become more vibrant, happier and more of your true self.

6. Keep the conversation positive. Don't complain! If you hate your job don't talk about it. It may sound obvious, but whining and complaining are unattractive. Be conscious about your language, and focus on positive aspects. Aim to compliment your date at least once, and mention what you like about the date itself (e.g. delicious food, fun activity, etc.).

7. Keep it light. Think of your first date as an opportunity to get to know the best of each other. If you're both interested there will be plenty of time to talk about other topics like politics, religion, and other controversial topics.

8. Don't talk about other men you've dated in the past. When you are dating and looking for love, release the need to bring up any old flames. Be present with the guy you are with and focus on the present.

9. Limit the time for the date. Remember that your time is valuable! Have a set time allotted for the date and stick to it as much as you can. It never hurts to leave a man wanting more.

Remember that even if this guy isn't the one, going on dates get you more comfortable having conversations with potential mates. This experience will make it easier to have a conversation and engage with your dream guy...even if he appears and sits beside you unexpectedly (which happened to me!). You'll feel at ease to talk to him and will create an opportunity for a love match. Above all, trust and have faith in the process. Know that you are exactly where you should be and your soulmate is on his way to you.