03/11/2016 09:52 GMT | Updated 03/11/2017 05:12 GMT

Enhancing Content Marketing With Videos


Online marketing in today's world has become extremely competitive, indeed. This compels us to discover new methods to make what we have to offer, be it a product or service, standout from the crowd. Otherwise, rest assured we will find ourselves completely overwhelmed by digital voices that are enormously louder, more powerful and honestly, more attractive than what we may have to offer. One such key aspect to maintaining a relevant presence online is to use videos to "marketise," if you will, your business.

Visual imagery provides a very simple, creative and imaginative medium to deliver your information and voice to the consumer market. It can also offer very specific benefits capable of catching the eye of visitors, encouraging them to engage in a method providing more meaning parallel to your content.

Effective for short attention spans

By placing videos on your website you provide visitors the possibility to absorb the data you intend in a much more "absorbable" method that is also easy-to-understand. This medium and method requires the least from the visitor, and that is what catches their attention the most. Shorter attention spans, and decreasing as we speak, has been the very immediate result of the digitised world. This said, it is crucial that your message is delivered in small portions that are easily digested, understood and processed by the majority of the ever-growing internet audience out there. Viewers are known to make instant connections, at least nearly, with material provided through visual platforms. Of course, this material has to be educational, engaging and entertaining. Video provides a promise that very little effort is needed from the consumer, making it far more possible that visitors will prefer to play a video than read through text. At a first glance, no text can be more tempting than a play icon.

Necessity of making contact

While the creating of powerful written content for various purposes of online marketing remains very important, videos provide you the opportunity to establish engaging contact with visitors at a much more personal level. There are a variety of options before you when weighing the type of video you seek to create. Don't be afraid of showing your face to the people and directly contacting them. This will add personalisation to their experience in a method that no words can match. Videos also allow your visitors feel you and them are actually very much alike. One very good example is how companies began sending their most senior officials before audiences to explain their products. Videos are also always more capable in inviting people back to your websites and content.

Circumstantial variety

Videos are also very powerful in being capable of diversifying the method in which your company is proposed to the public. 'How to' videos are very popular as viewers are eager to learn how to do anything new through an easily understood, step-by-step medium. Videos showing your team to the public are also very effective, in representing the diversity of various expertise and personalities offered by you and your company. Entertaining videos are also always welcomed to provide a humorous atmosphere and deliver what your company can offer in a very preferred manner. Many such videos have been very successful, going viral on social media platforms and creating a huge amount of literally free marketing chances for your company. Through videos you enjoy the versatility of marketing your business profile in various methods, all aimed at providing a very clear image of your company and what you have to offer to the public.

The future

Many believe any investment you make in visual content and video marketing will most definitely payoff in the short term, especially if your videos are actionable, compelling and entertaining. All these specifications can assist in branding your business in a unique method that is actually appealing to your consumers. In comparison to written content, visual content is highly more grabbing, absorbing and very immediate, to say the least. The correct use of videos can, and will, drive interests in all the benefits your website has to offer.

Always remember, a word is a word. A picture is worth a thousand words. A minute of video, however, is estimated at 1.8 million words. Think about that.