15/01/2013 08:18 GMT | Updated 16/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Chris Ramsey - Feeling Lucky - 4 Stars - Bloomsbury Theatre

Chris Ramsey is already streets ahead of many of his peers in that he doesn't fall into that category of comedians that makes endless jokes about where they're from or their accent. And indeed, Ramsey could probably find an audience for this if he felt so inclined but Feeling Lucky is further evidence that Ramsey's comedy has a lot more depth and sincerity to it.

The TV panel show favourite began his show utilising his improvisation skills, throwing a foam dice around amongst the audience before preying upon an audience member. He skilfully and playfully interrogates the audience mining for (and finding) comedy gold in situations where I can't believe there would be.

He exudes a genuine warmth and charisma, succeeding almost immediately in creating a feel good atmosphere that fills the Bloomsbury Theatre before setting about introducing his central theme of luck and fortune.


Despite occasionally interrupting his routine with lurid mimes and jokes about his parents sex lives, Ramsey is by no means an edgy comedian. His forays into stories from his childhood and tales of how lucky he is to have his parents, although quite sweet, are perhaps a little tame.

But Ramsey is a very gifted story teller, the pace and the delivery of his anecdotes combined with his obvious enthusiasm for what he was saying, had the audience genuinely hanging off his every word and laughing raucously as each story built up to its rewarding conclusion.

What with Ramsey being good natured, good looking and most importantly, funny, it's difficult to envisage Ramsey being anything other than a regular presence on our TV screens for years to come. He is an engaging and charismatic presence who occasionally dips his toe into more risque material as evidenced by his recent and now infamous appearance on Soccer AM.

The joie de vivre you're left with after Feeling Lucky makes you thankful that Ramsey decides to eschew the darker elements of comedy to produce an often hilarious and entertaining evening of comedy.