27/10/2013 19:05 GMT | Updated 27/12/2013 05:12 GMT

William Is the Royal PR King - But Kate Is Key

Even the hardest of hearts can't help to have been warmed by the historic christening pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with baby Prince George.

The infant heir has even been treated to his first taste of royal watching, with the newspapers cheekily doing some re-christening of their own as they referred to him as 'HRH Grumps' over his initial lack of smiles.

Historic, and very 'Great' Britain', the images are obviously a great positive for the Royal family from a PR point of view.

Happy families, the next generations coming to the fore and constant question marks about whether Charles has missed the boat, have filled our newspapers and magazines.

William and Harry are wonderful PR fillips to the Royal family, and not because of who they are, but because of what they do professionally.

The royals have turned a corner because the youngsters have been allowed to flourish.

William in particular has shown humility, humour and a strong sense of direction. He has more than a touch of his mother about him, although is probably stronger in many senses.

A lot of the important details people have remembered about the royals over the past few years have been down to him, and Wills has come a long way from his slightly nervous engagement interview with his friend and broadcaster Tom Bradby.

We all remember him and his new bride Kate driving around outside the gates of Buckingham Palace, in Charles' blue vintage car, after the Royal Wedding.

Then there were the tired but happy and relaxed jokes on the steps of St Mary's Hospital after the birth of the then unnamed Prince George.

His decision to drive his new-born son home himself, rather than take the option of an aide taking the wheel, would have resonated with proud fathers everywhere. Even his down to earth quip at the christening, in which he remarked that baby George's silence was the first time he had been quiet all day, showed he has the 'common touch'.

Make no mistake, the Queen is rightly revered but it is the Duke of Cambridge who will carry the Royal Family's PR image in a direction it needs to continue.

In the eyes of the public, the Windsors as a family unit have moved a long way from the days of mistrust brought about by the handling of Princess Diana.

However, if they are to come full circle, Kate needs to play a far bigger role to play that a doting mother. In the Royal household, that is the easy part. A few charity connections? Well, yes, that is good too.

But for a modern Royal Family to flourish they must adapt to the times they now live in. Kate has to show that she is an independent woman, with intelligence and the ability to work for the respect the public give her.

Women have an equal say, they use their intelligence in a more productive way than the Queen had to when she was a young royal.

In my view Kate wasted a lot of the time post university in fairly menial jobs. She is bright, engaging and informed with a platform to really make a difference.

Working mothers need a champion, so do career women... there are not enough of them and even though she has a privileged existence, she can speak out and fight for a cause that really matters.

She has a real opportunity - but she must step up to the mark or lose an opportunity to make a real contribution.