13/02/2014 12:45 GMT | Updated 15/04/2014 06:59 BST

When the Wedding Planning Gets Too Much


Main Image by Laura Babb

I have been there. Too many opinions, too much choice, too much inspiration (pinterest) and far too much money to part with. The whole planning process can become so unbelievably overwhelming that it is mighty tempting to pack it all in and elope to Vegas.Though this wasn't an option for me with my fear of flying outweighing anything I was tackling with the wedding.

I know that whilst you are sat cross legged on the floor, with numerous wedding magazines sprawled out in front of you, you will not listen when I say that come the wedding day, you will forget all of this stress. I know that you look at images of dresses and wonder if you have chosen the right one. You are hung up on a look your bridesmaid gave your choice of dress for her. You aren't sure whether the seating plan will go down well. You are going crazy worrying whether everything will be ok on the day. It will. I promise.

I found that my planning went absolutely swimmingly until other people were involved. Namely, family. "Why isn't so and so invited? Can I have a plus one?" The simplest answer you can give is "because there is no room". In an ideal world I would have had everyone I love and like. I was limited to 160. Ergo. There were some cuts. Or maybe it was just because I don't like you. Whatever.

Who cares if your best friend doesn't like your choice of shoes? Who gives a damn whether your uncle whom you haven't spoken to in 10 years doesn't want to be seated on the same table as another family member. They are attending because it is your wedding, they are there for you. Just remember that. It is your day.

Grumpy groom? Not pulling his weight? Give him a remedial task such as calling up car companies then overly praise him for doing such a darn fine job then he will hopefully realise how much it meant to you that he did something (this sexist tactic doesn't work on all grooms, apologies). A mother sticking her oar in? Simply remind her that it is your wedding day, and the decision you have made is best for you and your husband to be. Need an honest and unbiased opinion? I am here for you.

My tips for getting through the planning:-

♥ Tackle it bit by bit, one thing at a time.

♥ Take time out to actually enjoy being engaged and regain motivation if it gets lost.

♥ Only have a master list of everything that needs doing, don't get bogged down by lists of lists, they don't actually help.

♥ Delegate to people you trust, what's the point if you have to check up or think you will end up doing it anyway?

♥ Don't try on too many dresses and don't expect the world to shake when you find "the one".

♥ Keep well hydrated. Maintain your health. Gin optional.

♥ Get on twitter! You will find a wealth of suppliers across the globe for your every need.

♥ Listen to your gut. My mother still mentions "the other dress" but I loved the one that I wore and don't regret it at all.

♥ If something looks shit, stick some glitter on it.

I also believe that when you are nearing the end, you put everything away, no more magazines, no more pins, stop reading all the stylised blogs. You will doubt your choices, you will see something else you prefer. Ignorance is bliss in this instance. I hope that this has been helpful, I got bored of the fluffy advice I kept seeing out there. The last leg is the hardest, you either have everything done and are just waiting, or it's last minute panic. It will all get done and you will have a wonderful day, you'll have a drink in your hand and aching cheeks from smiling so much. I promise.