An Open Letter to The Conservatives

An Open Letter to The Conservatives

Dear Mr Osborne, Mr Cameron and all you stand for,

We are not impressed by the fact that 100 business "leaders" have pledged their support to you. The fact that so many of them are involved in tax avoidance, sweat shops and corrupt practices is only a small part of our reasoning.

You, and they, are not our allies.

We suffer under your ideological approach, your austerity, your promotion of the super-rich. We pay more at the tills, earn less at our jobs (if we have them) and see greater suffering every day as a direct result of your policies.

We reject your policy to continue to persecute the vulnerable in our society. The poor and unemployed at foodbanks, the disabled, dying by ATOS's hands, the sick dying in hospital queues and waiting rooms.

We reject your failure to prosecute the bankers, business leaders and financial spivs who have doomed the economy. We reject your failure to claim tax from the many multi-millionaires and their businesses whilst demonising the working classes and the needy.

We reject your zero-hour contracts, your academisation of schools, your privatisation of the NHS.

We share an ideal that on May 7th, people vote with their hearts and minds, and not with some misguided notion that you have anything but self-interest at heart.


The People of Britain.


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