19/01/2015 07:53 GMT | Updated 20/03/2015 05:59 GMT

The 10 Signs That Tell You It's Time to Stop Drinking

Here are some signs you may notice about your drinking patterns that should make you consider whether the time to stop completely has arrived.

  1. You open the wine with dismay thinking 'Here we go again'.
  2. You notice the repeating pattern of: Plan to restrict, get drunk, regret it, plan to restrict... yet you cannot stop it recurring.
  3. You no longer have enough time to spend a whole day incapacitated by a hangover.
  4. Your hangovers last two days (or more...)
  5. You avoid socialising so you can drink more at home, alone.
  6. You hate the feeling of helplessness you have as alcohol dictates your life.
  7. You have no idea how to stop. (This was me. Sometime told me to 'Just stop.' Sounds simple eh?)
  8. You think stopping drinking would be preferable to your life at present. In fact, anything would be better than your life at present.
  9. Those around you stop giving you a hard time about your drinking and allow you to drink. They know you need a certain amount to function and do not wish to stand in the way of that.
  10. You begin to ask others how they stopped drinking, you read sober blogs, you buy sober books and you question your belief that you could not cope without it. You begin to wonder if maybe you could? Surely not all sober people are making it up or telling lies about how it is actually ok, or even better than ok?

Personally I was simply sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Welcome aboard if you are starting to stop.

Welcome back if you are not giving up on giving up.