Here's what not to do when talking about alcohol and sobriety and how you can be supportive instead.
It is widely inferred that excessive drinking is fun, whereas sobriety is viewed as humourless
'I’m not sure I’d have survived intact had it had not been for my sobriety.'
Travel often offers an opportunity to relax, explore a new place and have a good time.
These tips and tricks will help going forward.
Has Dry January made think more seriously about your drinking habits? Perhaps you’re finding it easier than you’d thought
Overindulging with sugary treats is a really common antidote to giving up alcohol or taking a booze break. But how are you meant to purge the pints without piling on the pounds from Cronuts or Duffins or other calorific treats?
Now I'm not talking about being a raving alcoholic here. I'm talking about a few glasses of wine a few evenings a week and never being able to say no to an extra glass with friends at weekends. But even a small amount of wine would leave me feeling jittery, unsettled and tearful the next day.
How do you become a sober girl? If it was as easy as just not drinking anymore, then we would only ever need one attempt at it. I had a number of failed attempts.
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been side-eyed at functions.