17/07/2013 07:30 BST | Updated 15/09/2013 06:12 BST

Why Today's Women Are Empowered to Be Their Own Boss

Do you see men and women as equal in the workplace?

Although people don't like to acknowledge it, women still have it harder in the workplace than men. Ok, so it's easier for us to climb the career ladder today than it was, say, 40 years ago. But we are still seen as 'less capable' than men.

People might try to conceal the fact, but sexism is still widespread in the workplace. A study from the Fawcett Society revealed that women on average earn 15% less than men.

So what can women do to put a stop to this?

We've birthed an era where women are seeing the benefits of being there own boss. A report by Barclays Wealth & Investment Management found that women who own businesses earn nearly 17% more than men in the same position.

The rewards of running your own business far outweigh the advantages of working for someone else; this is inspiring women to become entrepreneurs.

Taking that first step to becoming your own boss is a brave, and scary move. But once you've done it you'll never look back.

After six years of working for one of the UK's 'big four' banks, without any hope of a pay rise, or promotion, I decided enough was enough.

I thought about ways to get out, I considered finding a job at another bank and aiming for a higher position, or I thought about completely scrapping that and looking for a job in a new industry.

Then I had a moment of realisation where it dawned on me that, no matter who I work for, I will never be paid my worth for the work I put in.

I decided that I needed to become my own boss. That way I'd reap all the rewards for the hard work I was willing to put in.

Having thought about different industries, I decided that I wanted to work in the beauty industry. I did my research and found that I could start a business selling health and beauty products from a brand called Arbonne.

It differs from other direct selling companies, such as Avon, because it lets people expand their businesses nationally and better still, internationally.

It works by allowing 'Arbonne people' to network with each other so that each person in your network earns off one another. This means the network grows at a rapid pace and the customer reach is huge.

It was a perfect fit for me, I believed in the products, I loved the fact they were organic and the business model was exactly what I was after - the harder you work the more you receive in return.

I feel that all women should take the step to becoming their own boss. Instead of being subjected to sexism and inequality, women should be able to work in an environment where they're appreciated and their efforts are rewarded.

So, what are the key benefits of running your own business?


In short, you keep what you earn.


Working for yourself allows you to control when you work, how you work and who you work with. The control it offers is immensely satisfying and it can bring happiness to all aspects of your life.

Maybe you're someone who works better at night? You can do that. Or, maybe you work best in a coffee shop? You can do that too. Maybe you even work better while sitting on a tranquil beach while listening to the ocean? Well, guess what? You can do it if you are your own boss!

Sky's the limit

When you run your own business the sky is the limit. Nobody can hold you back on your success and only you can set goals for how far the business succeeds.

The feeling of self-success is a feeling like no other. Knowing that you are creating an empire for which you can take the gratitude is fantastic.

If you're a hard-worker, self-motivated and want more in life than the average person, the sky really is the limit for you.

So, go on, what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and become your own boss!