17/07/2017 06:13 BST | Updated 17/07/2017 06:13 BST

Models Of Diversity

I recently had the pleasure of being the make up artist for a Models Of Diversity photoshoot. Based in the ever bustling location of Marble Arch, London. An area that reflects what Models Of Diversity is all about: diversity. Take a brief walk along Oxford Street and you will be submerged into an array of different cultures, ethnicities and unique styles. This is what London is about: embracing everyone.

The shoot was for UK based plus size clothing brand Lovedrobe. Catering for the curvy girls in size 16 to 32 and providing the latest trends at affordable prices. Stylist Michelle Navarro selected looks for each of the models, choosing pieces to compliment each model's assets to their full potential.


Image Oliver Morris

On shoot we had four models to get ready, all totally different and unique. Showing a variety of curves and ethnicities. Models Of Diversity like to represent all models, regardless of skin colour or size and this was reflected in the models that were selected By MOD CEO, Angel Sinclair, from the casting process.


Image Oliver Morris

As a make up artist, it is my job to follow the brief for the shoot and view the models' outfits so I can compliment the make up to it. Angel Sinclair, who was directing the shoot, specifically asked for a very natural spring/spring/summer look.

For each model I kept it simple with a dewy base and peachy pinky tones on the cheeks and lips for a slight pop of colour. With a variety of different skin tones to work on I had to use my skills to adapt to each individual model. I use foundations that I can add lightening or darkening drops to as to customise to the model's skin tone.

It is important for the public to see a realistic image that they can relate to. These are the consumer, so the brands need to get behind this and introduce models of all abilities, skin colour or size. The fashion industry is showing slow changes with regards to diversity, however Models Of Diversity are on a mission to speed up the process as are many body positive bloggers that are spreading the self love message across social media.

International Model Ira, who flew over from Germany for the shoot, is very comfortable and confident within herself and loves her body, and so she should. In front of the camera Ira is a performer and knows her angles, her confidence is everything, saying size is nothing

"Every size is beautiful, it doesn't matter if you're able or disabled. It is not about the size or ability. It is about the personality and that makes a model."


Image Oliver Morris

A statement that reflects into everyday life also. To those women who may struggle with low self esteem because they are not a 6ft size 8 model they see in the magazine, remember you are beautiful because it's your personality from the inside that reflects on the outside to showcase your true beauty.

Models Of Diversity hold model workshops that help you bring out your personality and maybe the real you. A fun day filled with inspirational individuals, learn how to pose in front of the camera leaving with images and a new found confidence, so get in touch to find out more.