British Indian model Neelam Gill shares the story of her incredible big break into modelling and why it's so important to her to speak out about inclusion and diversity in the fashion industry.
The founder of Ambicious School has to teach modelling in her backyard due to lack of resources and funding.
There are a lot of rumours about pageant life, some true, some not true, and others true but only within certain systems
How can such an advertisement make it through the ranks of marketing, to an executive decision maker and ultimately to the mass public, without any flags being raised?
The main driving force and powerhouse that is the internet has thankfully led to different sized models from countless ethnicities featuring in major campaigns as we all "celebrate" our differences and recognize that not everyone is a size zero... or at least that is how it appears.
I wanted to bring this to life with a beautiful shoot that made a visual stand. Featuring twelve of the industry's hottest names (my most daring talent!) who represent a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, abilities, ages and ethnicities to show that big, small, curvy or lean EVERY body is beautiful
I am trans, I'm also an ambitious and well educated woman with a higher degree. However, like many trans women post transition, I've found that barriers to working as a professional abound. My mother, a feminist, politician and writer taught me to aspire to be the best I could possibly be. Consequently I trained as an educator, working in universities, colleges and schools.
As a make up artist, it is my job to follow the brief for the shoot and view the models' outfits so I can compliment the make up to it. Angel Sinclair, who was directing the shoot, specifically asked for a very natural spring/spring/summer look.
Calvin Klein’s latest women’s underwear campaign features models from diverse age range from 18 to 73.  Released yesterday