11/02/2014 11:59 GMT | Updated 13/04/2014 06:59 BST

A Slashed Neck and a One Finger Salute That Never Happened

There was a bit a controversy on Dancing on Ice this week - I was accused of giving the judges a one finger salute at the beginning of my performance.

It was supposedly seen as I pulled up to kickstart my skating performance as Eddie Van Halen for the classic rock song Jump, I'll admit... from one point of view it looks as if I'm doing something rather suspicious.

But it turned out after a few check backs from everyone including myself that I was innocent! Thank God. Like they say... You can get lost in the moment?! But I certainly didn't. I had so much fun.

Karen, Jason, Nicky and Ashley didn't see anything gone wrong as they seen it head on! So that was a relief.


Twitter was going crazy! Goal mouth technology would have helped prove what had really happened before a major diplomatic incident blew up but luckily due to multiple camera angles I was shown to be innocent. The hand gesture was merely rock 'n' roll finger horns!!

The reason for the strange hand gesture was that it was '80s week on Dancing on Ice and we were celebrating pop music from 1984 (four years before I was born, so I don't exactly remember it from the time) but it was a lot of fun channeling my inner rock god, dressed in a black bandana and string vest with a killer wig might I add... Miss it already!!!


The Van Halen song is a great one to ice dance to because it's got great energy but clearly with the title Jump, I had to do one or two jumps! One of which was a tricky split jump on cue at that moment in the song. During training this had caused a problem, I had fallen a bit sketchy and ended up on my skating partner Maria Filippov's blade and was left with a two inch long cut behind my ear. Luckily it wasn't around the front of my neck otherwise I hate to think what could have happened.

Sadly we said goodbye to Gareth Gates this week - gonna miss you Gaz! He really did pull out all the stops in the skate-off with his performance of U2's Beautiful Day, which made it a difficult decision for the judges once again - do we lose a former champ or the underdog?


The judges would go on to choose Sam Attwater very deservedly too, as he and his future wife Vicky put their heart and soul into there performance. There were definitely a few tears in that moment. They, like me, lived to skate another week.

So this week it's boys versus girls and the remaining boys - Me, Sam Attwater and Kyran Bracken take on Suzanne Shaw, Hayley Tamaddon, and Beth Tweddle.

This is going to be a tough week, made only harder because Sam is working up North and I'm on daddy duties! So it's hard for us all to rehearse together. I guess we will all have to pull our fingers out, to be in with a chance next Sunday. We have the will power and the lads along side me have the ability. So fingers crossed we can pull it out the bag! We have to win!! Come on team boyzzzz!

Keep watching! Oh, and voting.

Thanks for reading

Lots of love, Ray.

Dancing on Ice is on ITV1 next Sunday 16th Feb at 6.15pm to 7.45pm, and Dancing on Ice: The Skate Off is at 8.30pm to 9pm