29/10/2013 16:12 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

How to Dress Yourself Slim

If you've been shunning the gym or over-indulging on your favourite treats lately and now the panic has kicked in, relax - it's still possible to look your best for any big event. To look instantly slimmer, whatever your body shape or size, check out these tips on how to dress yourself slim.


Wear heels

While wearing heels on a day-to-day basis isn't ideal for your health, if you want to look slimmer for a big night out, swapping flats for heels can make all the difference. Heels instantly make your legs look longer and more toned and make you appear taller and slimmer. For a more comfortable alternative, try opting for kitten heels or wedges. Also, avoid shoes with ankle straps which can make legs appear chunkier.

Wear the right sized clothes

While this may sound obvious, many people make the mistake of opting for a smaller dress size to make them feel slimmer or for larger, baggier clothes to help conceal problem areas. However, wearing ill-fitting clothes is one of the worst things you can do if you are hoping to look slim. To create a slimmer figure, always opt for well-fitted clothes that flatter your shape.

Draw attention to your best body parts

To start dressing slim, you need to take some time to work out your body shape and think about what suits your figure. Dresses that are nipped in at the waist and skim over the stomach and thighs can flatter curvier figures, for example, while those with larger legs may want to avoid calf-high boots. In fact, try to avoid any item that cuts off at the widest part of your body, such as cap-sleeved tops for those with larger arms. Take a friend and a camera and try on different styles of clothing to learn what emphasizes your best parts.

Go for dark colours

Most girls know the power of the little black dress for helping to create a slimmer silhouette; however, if you are fed up of wearing black for every night out, darker shades such as navy, dark purple and brown have a similar slimming effect. On the other hand, light shades like white and beige can add on the pounds.

Wear slimming underwear

Want to drop a dress size instantly? Take a tip from the celebs and choose some slimming underwear. While they might not be the sexiest of items once your clothes come off, underneath your outfit they will miraculously smooth out lumps and bumps and pull in any wobbly bits, giving the illusion of a firmer, slimmer body.


You may not think your accessories have any bearing on how slim you look. However, if you're feeling self-conscious about perceived problem areas, you can subtly divert attention with detail. If you're paranoid about your arms, a shrug can help to cover them up while adding some color and detail to your outfit, while an accessory such as a scarf, brooch or necklace can help to draw the eyes up towards the face rather than to areas of the body you may feel self-conscious about.

Choose your prints wisely

If you're a fan of prints, try to bear in mind a few key rules when choosing your clothes if you're hoping to look slimmer. Firstly, large prints can make you look larger, so go for smaller ones. Also, opt for vertical stripes over horizontal ones as these will draw the eye up and down rather than across, elongating your figure and helping you to look slim.


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