17/05/2015 15:16 BST | Updated 15/05/2016 06:59 BST

Why I Put My Life Online

I was asked recently why I choose to put my life on the internet and allow everyone to know my business. I had a good think and have realised there isn't one simple answer, and it completely depends on the topic. Writing about my family helps me process the day to day challenges we face, writing about my past is cathartic and anything in between is me expressing my passions. Ultimately though, every single time I share my experiences it creates an opportunity for others to relate to where I am or where I have been, and to know that they are not alone.

Turning it all around

I had a dysfunctional childhood. I was abused and bullied, and had to grow up much faster than kids should have to. I had a distinct lack of role models setting a good example, and left home at 15 with any future I had looking bleak at best. In my teens and early twenties I flirted heavily with the devil - used to drink too much, party too much and bump uglies with people I wouldn't have even looked at when sober.

I went through two mental breakdowns in four years before I finally hit rock bottom. I then underwent a huge personal journey to get to the point where I liked what I saw in the mirror. I made peace with my dark and painful past, and changed every aspect of my life. I cut ties with toxic family members, addressed my addictions and created positive habits. By the time I had my first child almost three years later, I was mentally stable and in a very good place.

Blogging for therapy

Life isn't a bed of roses though, and my blog Mummy Tries was created during a seriously sleep deprived low phase. Truth be told I needed counselling but couldn't afford to pay or wait for it. The first post I published was my life in three hundred words, and was so well received that it spurred me on to continue writing.

As well as blogging about my past, I also write openly and honestly about my children. We've had a lot of sleep and behaviour problems with our eldest, and quite frankly I got sick of pretending everything was okay. By sharing the not so desirable bits I'm putting it out there that it's alright to not enjoy every single aspect of motherhood 24/7.

In addition to all this I write about our diet of natural food, and how I believe it's saving us from an array of physical and mental health problems. The GAPS diet is pretty much unheard of here in the UK, and I'm thrilled that my GAPS Blog has been the catalyst for others taking a look at their diets and making necessary changes for the better.

Inspiring change is a wonderful thing

I have been told that I inspire people to make the changes they need that have been holding them back in life. That my story has helped them realise they need to free themselves of toxic influences, and break their own negative cycles. Knowing that my words have sparked off so much change is a truly incredible thing.

That is why I write, and it's why I will continue to share my life online.

Warts and all.