17/02/2013 10:48 GMT | Updated 24/03/2014 08:59 GMT

Interior Trends 2013 and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Home

For interiors in 2013, there is bold and brassy or comfortable and clean cut. Your home is a great chance to express your personal style, but like fashions we see on the runway, each season there are key themes that retailers and interiors magazines will be focusing on. The big change this year is that colour is back. It never really went anywhere, but in recent years the overriding theme has been that of going back to basics, with mostly natural textures and comfort levels set to high. We still have this look, but incorporating items such as coloured cut glass and woven textures having a more highly-finished feel.

Colours to look out for this year include citrus yellow and emerald green, but it's about using these against a muted backdrop to create the ultimate effect. Geometric patterns will also be popular, so think of the interiors by Jonathan Adler and how he mixes a bold pattern with statement colour block furniture. If you're wanting to incorporate this into your home, perhaps try getting a bold print rug or mix in a few statement cushions. We will see a lot of cushions with photography printed on them, which are great to add interest to your living room and a talking point when you have guests. It's also a wonderful way to add to your art collection in the most comfortable way possible.

Another sign of change is that we will be seeing a lot more heavy textures, such as brass and marble, making a comeback. These give a very luxurious look and link to more heritage time period. Vintage continues to be popular this year, so these finishes mix well with that and also mean you can choose a few interesting items to add a timelessness to your home.

Wall hanging mirrors are used to full effect this year, creating statement walls, by grouping multiple of them in different sizes. This is a really great idea to make an impact, while helping your rooms appear larger. If you are applying this in your home, you can incorporate different styles and add them to the wall over time. Some key tips are that odd numbers often work best for balance and keeping the spacing random will make a more interesting statement.

To show examples of all these trends and also give more tips on recreating them in your home, I visited The Conran Shop, in London's Marylebone. Watch the video below to see all the trends in action and hopefully pick up a few useful hints along the way.