27/08/2013 06:12 BST | Updated 23/10/2013 06:12 BST

Jonathan Adler Brightens Up Britain

I can safely confess to being a Jonathan Adler believer, from his bold colours to humorous touches, no one does it quite like him. His style and ethos are something I have lived with for years, however I feel like I've only been formally introduced in the last couple of years. I'd seen his face on Bravo's Top Design, his ceramics when they filtered onto design savvy London stores and who could ignore his interior designs such as Barbie's Malibu Dream House - which if you haven't seen, take a tour here.


When I was working with mydeco, I remember the CEO was a great fan, and it seemed her enthusiasm was contagious. She let me borrow the JA book 'My Prescription For Anti-depressive Living' and let me say, the treatment worked! As I turned each page, I saw exciting interiors like never before, with bespoke ceramics, lightings and linens. It felt like that moment in Wizard of Oz where Dorothy first opens the door from the sepia tones of Kansas to see colour for the first time. And after the launch of his first international boutique in London, it's not only Dorothy who's in for a treat.

At the 2011 store opening, the Sloane Avenue location was bustling with excitement and a great guest list, with a few of the 'Real Housewives of New York' even stopping by on their UK visit. There was a great mix of designers and stylists, one being Emily Jerman who I had interviewed during Fashion Week.


His London boutique may be 3345 miles away from his New Jersey roots, but it certainly delivers a perfect slice of the Jonathan Adler experience. After learning that he began in ceramics, it made perfect sense when looking around his store, as he holds a great eye for detail in all his products. There are no 'fillers' in his collection, as each one had a point of interest that had a versatility that is unparalleled by other designers.


He offers up a magical world through his bold interiors, but if you can't go full hog, you can still go half hog by buying one or two pieces from his collection. In fact, if you want to go any hog, there's a great pair of piggy salt and pepper shakers that will do just the trick. There is a sense of playfulness and light throughout the store, which is a treat to visit in itself, being a welcome splash of colour (or 10) to the London design map.


I was fortunate enough to briefly meet with the main man himself, to gently gush on how he has inspired my own career. Through his design work, he does not set strict rules that must be adhered, but instead promotes the idea of living somewhere you love; bringing colours, textures and patterns together to make happier a home. His work on reality television also created an approachability to design, breaking the stereotype of the egotistical interior designer transforming your home into their sole vision.

Now that Jonathan Adler has settled into the homes of Britain, I for one, am very grateful for the humor and boldness he has brought with him. Long may his free spirited design ethos reign over our interiors, and long may we love our homes as our own.