11/05/2012 18:23 BST | Updated 11/07/2012 06:12 BST

Jubilee Memorabilia, Finding the Diamonds in the Jumble

Ever since the big date in April 2011, we all knew what to expect for 2012's summer of celebrations. Around 12 months ago Britain's memorabilia fire was re-ignited with gold rimmed tea cups, William & Kate tea towels and, of course, bunting galore. Pieces that once sat in your Granny's oak display cabinet were dusted off, with a whole new generation embracing the chintz of years gone by. And I think, it's about time too!

Now it wouldn't be fair to say the royals were solely behind this rise of the chintz. Cath Kidston and the resurgence of Vintage-cool have given a new life to what we once dismissed to a dusty cabinet. What these have most importantly given us, is a new perspective on styling - with rooms no longer have to contain objects of one colour palette a-la-changing rooms, nowadays variety is key. If you're wanting to get a floral cake-stand for your dark leather bachelor pad, I say go for it. Similarly, if 2012 is the time you want to add some jubilee themed mugs to your collection, it's as good a time as any.

In the fear of exposing my hoarding nature, I actually quite enjoy the idea of buying products to commemorate a time a special event. For instance, if your buying a plate, you'll get more use out of it than those endless issues of 'souvenir' magazines. And think how much more special you'll feel, when a year from now you're eating beans on toast off the Queen's head.

What I particularly liked about Kate & Williams wedding, was the rise of alternative memorabilia. So you can get a taste of the twee, but with tongue placed firmly in cheek.


(Images: Lazy Oaf, KKOulet)

So for those looking for a more quirky nod to the Queen's 60 years in the throne, I've come across young designer, Lydia Leith, doing some pretty innovative things. With jelly moulds of the Queen's head, temporary tattoos & even jubilee sick bags - look no further for your perfect party accessories.


(Image: Lydia Leith)

Another trend that had raised it's furry head is corgis, and lots of them. After seeing a display in Selfridges, involving around 50 life-size ceramic ones, I'm ready to fall in line. Thornback & Peel have created a lovely print in their trademark style, which gives you a slice of the trend, but in a very tasteful way. And talking of slicing, no jubilee celebration would be complete with a good old Victoria sponge, and a very British one at that. These street party pop tops make your average sponge, anything but that, and transform it into the perfect party centrepiece.


(Images: Thornback & Peel, Heals)

So with jubilee celebrations about to go full steam ahead, I believe the main point is to have fun with it and celebrate Britain in any way you see fit. I'm ready to add a few plates to my collection, perhaps even a jelly mould, and celebrate the jubilee in my style. Simply walking through shops at the moment fills me with British pride, rising quickly to a cold sweat when thinking about how many corgi themed items it's acceptable for one man to own! But at the moment I'm enjoying every minute of getting into the spirit of it, because sooner than we think, we'll all be swept away by Olympics mania. Which I imagine will be pretty similar, but with less cakes and more salad.