27/04/2015 07:49 BST | Updated 26/06/2015 06:59 BST

The UK General Disconnection

With the U.K General Election closely looming on the 7th of May 2015, it's time once again for we the people to try and pick the least rotten apple from the bunch. Let's not fool ourselves, financial and social inequality has never been greater and we have become disconnected from the politicians who govern us. It is time for a change, not just a change in the parties that we will be electing into power but a change in the very system itself which clearly now only serves the greedy 1%.

Democracy is one of the greatest political ideologies of the 20th century, it's a system of government in which the power is invested in the people who then choose their representatives. But how can any these privately educated politicians that were born into vast privilege really represent any of us or even live in the same reality as you and I do?

How many of them have faced the threat of homelessness despite being employed? How many of them have relied on food banks in order to get their next meal? How many of them have spiralling out of control debts that are now impossible to manage? How many of them have been forever stuck in the rent trap as they are unable to put any money aside for a deposit on a property? How many of them are unable to get the education that they have a right to as they are unable to afford the excessive tuition fees? I could go on and on however the simple fact is that they are simply unable to relate to our lives. So how can this be a fair form of democracy if the people who we have chosen to represent us can't understand what we are saying?

As I mentioned earlier, politicians are meant to serve the interests of the public that they have been chosen to represent, this is never meant to be the other way round. If they no longer serve our interests then why are we carrying on with this system? Will any of these parties really bring the changes that the people need? Can they really bring the changes that the people need or has democracy in the U.K been too corrupted by the banks and corporations which they now appear to really serve?

People are starting to lose faith in this system and our voices are constantly being drowned out and neglected. We need to get real representatives of the general public from all class and diverse backgrounds so that there is a real choice. The only way you can engage people in politics is by giving them something to they can truly relate to, every political movement comes from a common association and belief.

At the moment we're just calling sides on the same broken coin of empty promises, it makes no difference what side we choose as it can never really work in our favour. Real political change has and always will come from the people, by giving the public true representatives we can once again restore faith and reconnect with democracy.