16/11/2012 05:09 GMT | Updated 16/11/2012 05:10 GMT

While Operation 'Pillar of Defence' Echoes Operation 'Cast Lead', the Media Distort Reality

Over the last few days, the Israeli government has initiated a new wave of attacks on the people of Gaza, killing 9 civilians. Children are among the people that have been killed as a result.

But if you were to asses the mainstream media, you would think that the increased aggression on Gaza perhaps began on wednesday, with the assassination of a Hamas military leader, Ahmed al-Jabari. It didn't.

The picture painted by the reports that have appeared in the mainstream media, do not reflect the reality that is taking place and that has taken place.

The language and tone often adopted by such reports inevitably seek to convey the image, that Hamas (and therefore all Palestinians) are terrorists and that Israel is merely defending itself.

Suffice to say it is not that simple, but the overwhelming mainstream line, rarely deviates from this course, almost as if the same press release is sent out every time Israel drops American bombs on Palestinians;

'Israel is responding to rockets from Gaza and will defend herself by any means.' This is the familiar mantra wheeled out, and it doesn't change, regardless of what is actually occurring. It is what is happening now, in the face of a violent surge of aggression from Israel.

The easily digestible myth and self defence narrative is peddled however, in order to justify the killing of children and civilians-because that is what is occurring-and because so-called liberals couldn't stomach the 6 0'clock headlines otherwise.

Four boys playing football last week, were killed by Israeli Occupation Force artillery shells-shells fired at them on a football pitch, during an incursion of Gaza. How this can possibly be described as self defence by anyone beggars belief.

This is the backdrop, crime, and injustice which led to the retaliatory rockets fired from Gaza in response. There have been no Israelis killed in this 'latest round of escalation'. The retaliatory rocket fire from Gaza however, has been presented as pure instigation and unprovoked aggression.

It shouldn't come as a surprise, that state sponsored media doesn't adequately report on state sponsored killings-but do succeed in distorting the truth.

The wider context speaks volumes, in the face of the official position of the Israeli government, and the compliant mainstream media.

The continued siege on the Palestinian people and the theft of their land is unrelenting, irrespective of politics and propaganda. Equally, the role of Nato in the wider region, and the role of Western backed terrorists inside Syria, surely are part of a greater context which needs to be considered.

While the media reported last night that Netanyahu wasn't ruling out a ground invasion, independent reports suggested that tanks were already entering Gaza.

While the media continues to distort events, fears of a repeat of Operation Cast Lead which led to the deaths of hundreds of civilians, continue to grow- all the while bombs continue to rain on Gaza, the international community standing idly by deafening with their silence, and fully compliant with their inaction.