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The Voice of Carl Frenais

Carl Frenais describes himself as a "Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist" based in beautiful Cochin, India. To legions of his female fans, Carl is a handsome young singer with a voice of silk that reminds us of a young Elvis Presley.

Carl Frenais describes himself as a "Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist" based in beautiful Cochin, India. To legions of his female fans, Carl is a handsome young singer with a voice of silk that reminds us of a young Elvis Presley. Clearly a dynamic performer despite his young age, Carl has a special talent and presence that catches the eye.

Not short of young female fans, it is easy to see why he is a teen magnet. His glossy good looks, million dollar smile, charisma and deep sultry voice are clearly a winner with the audience. Carl's music is available for download here and he can be seen performing on You Tube . His music has achieved some success on the Reverbnation charts ranking at number 4.

Carl is Anglo-Indian from a family of musicians. He grew up listening to country and western and blues music. He is particularly inspired by Bon Jovi.

He says,

"I was raised on the one thing I live for - music. When my diaper-clad friends were impressing their parents with renditions of "Little Bo Peep", I was busy strumming my guitar and covering Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses". To this day my parents swear that was the first song I ever sang".

Carl appears to be a self-taught multi-talented musician. Not only does he play four instruments but he composes his own material. Still young in his age, he is extremely advanced in presenting his music and takes great care in his musical arrangements.

Carl and his band recently achieved some success. In March 2013, the Bangalore Mirror wrote about his group's [Chivalrous 4 (C4)] catchy song, "Girl Doncha Worry Bout A Thing". It is described as "a fine blend of rap, R&B and contemporary pop" and is inspired by the recent problems women have faced in India. The song had a simple message "Every Man has a Super Hero within us and it's our job and responsibility to take care of our women, protect them, and make them feel safe and not scared. Chivalry is Dead - let's Bring Chivalry Back". With this laudable aim, the catchy toe tapping track was on its way to stardom.

The local journalist wrote

"C4 is in the spotlight because of their latest graphic animated video loaded with lots of humour and a strong message in it. Called "Girl Doncha Worry Bout A Thing", this video just goes on to prove that a simple concept with a modest budget, if well executed, can do wonders"

With a successful appearance on VH1 and thousands of hits on You Tube, this song was a spectacular success.

Carl experiments with different styles of music, fine tuning his performances on a daily basis. He clearly takes his role as a performing artist very seriously. To discover what inspires him, we need to look a bit more into the man behind the smouldering good looks.

Carl tells us

"I would say everything around me helps me write. "Love" would be the common topic most of the time but even then I tend to write it in a more fun way than most artists in my genre. India will accept rock and Bollywood with open arms, but for any other artists who function in any other genre, its hell. But I see the mind-set of people here slowly changing with time. When I performed in Mumbai I didn't expect a full house to see a contemporary pop artist like me"

He adds that he hopes there will be more platforms and record labels that would appreciate his kind of music and help artists to grow and develop as musicians.

India appears to have many obstacles to up and coming new bands. There just doesn't appear to be the support. Carl believes that there isn't one pop group out of India that has made it to international stardom.

He then adds

"I think if I work hard enough one day I can pave the way for many pop artists here. I've noticed since I started uploading my covers and own compositions on You Tube and it started getting recognized worldwide".

He continues

"I do covers right now to build up a fan base. Once the fan base is really good and the numbers of listeners are high enough then I would definitely release my album. A lot of offers for album deals keep arising. The only reason I turn them down is because I know the fan base isn't enough. What's the use of releasing an album when there aren't enough people to listen to it?"

Carl interacts online with his fan base and is known for his kindness and all around genuine personality. He clearly has both feet firmly on the ground and takes his art seriously while enjoying life to the full with the love of his life.

Carl and his band have performed in many places from the May Queen Ball in Dubai to the Blue Frog, one of the biggest clubs in India. He played to a sold out audience there and at the G8 club in Mangalore. He also performed at the IPL Cricket match held at the Nehru Cricket Stadium in Cochin. With performances on VH1 and further recordings, Carl keeps his music going from strength to strength. His music is well liked by the audience and he is a charismatic live performer turning out excellent arrangements of covers as well as beautiful compositions. Carl is aiming to build his national and international fan base and is clearly a man with the determination and ambition. This as well as further opportunity will hopefully pave the way for a long and successful career within the music industry.

His music and updates can be accessed on his Facebook Page

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