11/08/2011 10:18 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Australia Sabotages Human Dignity

The Australian government recently resorted to using YouTube to deter asylum seekers from attempting to enter Australia illegally. Having posted a video up of Malaysian asylum seekers entering a detention centre, boarding a plane and then then re-entering Malaysia, Australia continues its harsh approach towards asylum seekers.

Although the Australian government argues that doing so will smash the business-model of 'people smugglers', its intentions are clear. The Australian government has traditionally applied harsh laws to immigrants - be they legal workers or illegal immigrants.

The Australian government has little concern for the human-rights of the asylum seekers.

Malaysia has not signed the UN convention on Refugees - yet Australia continues to send asylum seekers back. Asylum seekers are often mistreated there.

In addition, Australia's Commonwealth Ombudsman, Allen Asher, recently launched an inquiry into the sharp increase in suicide attempts and self harm in the country's overcrowded immigration detention centers.

There have been cases of inmates sowing their lips together.

Whilst Australia's current immigration policies may do well to stem the flow the refugees to its borders, a real solution to the global refugee crisis (as demonstrated in huge refugee camps across places such as Somalia) must be implemented at source.

Western right-wing policies have caused the pollution and international food crisis which produced all these refugees. In ignoring human-rights and dignity, implementing right-wing solutions to immigration will not help.

Refugees flee poverty and war.

In the face of this dilemma, the huge spending on the Iraq and Afghan wars seem even more delirious. Why do people starve in this age of modern farming techniques and advanced logistical technologies?

We have the military, economic and logistical resources required to solve the global refugee and food crisis. The fact that this hasn't happened yet owes to the ineptitude and neo-liberalism which has plagued international politics for far too long.

Human-rights and refugee conventions exist for a reason. In ignoring Malaysia's lack of commitment to the UN Convention on Refugees, Australia demonstrates its own indifference to the convention - signatory or not.

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