05/04/2015 18:38 BST | Updated 03/06/2015 06:59 BST

Amir Khan Ducks the Competition and Chases the Money Again!

Amir "King?" Khan has stated on a Sky Sports Toe to Toe broadcast that he will not fight World Champion Kell Brook-even though having a World title would make him much more of a legitimate challenge to the winner of Mayweather v Pacquiao-the big money that Khan craves. He says Brook needs to fight some real contenders (So beating Shawn Porter in his own backyard for the World title doesn't count!?) in order to make his way to the top like Khan thinks he has. Khan has lost 3 times. He's been knocked out twice and so clearly thinks the risk of being beaten by Brook is too big now that he believes he is close to the fight he wants with the 'Money Man;. He says that Brook is trying to 'cash-out' on his (Khan's) name as it would be his last fight-as if Khan is trying to do anything different with a Mayweather or Pacquiao fight!!

This poor behavior began when he ducked a rematch with Breidis Prescott who knocked him spark out in 90 odd seconds way back in 2008. He then did the same again and ducked a rematch with the incredibly crude Danny Garcia who despite telegraphing every punch he throws still managed to put Khan down 2 or 3 times before stopping him back in 2012. Eddie Hearn, Brook's promoter has offered Khan a big money fight (worth as much as 5 million pounds to Khan) with World Champion and fellow Brit Kell Brook at Wembley Stadium in the UK (Where Carl Froch and George Groves fought in front of 70'000 fans last summer) on June 13th this year. Khan says he can't fight then because of Ramadan. Ramadan doesn't begin until late June so it would have no effect on preparations for the fight!! After his last win over Devon Alexander Khan promised his fans he would be mixing with the elite in the Welterweight division and bringing them the most exciting fights. Sadly, broken promises seem common to Khan. His next opponent will instead apparently be Chris Algieri, a feather fisted fighter who would be knocked down by a stiff breeze. He is coming off a one sided beating from Manny Pacquiao who beat Algieri without breaking a sweat.This is a significant step backwards in the Bolton man's career but logical for Money-grabbing Khan who can't risk his wobbly whiskers against a real banger like Brook. He had the absurdity of this proposed 'contest' with Algieri confirmed to him last week by The Giant American Boxing Channel Showtime who have said they will not even be screening the fight!! Twitter has been alive with criticism for Khan since this story broke with the majority of fans believing they are being short changed again by this Sportsman. It's patently clear to all in the sport that Khan is taking a low risk, low pay fight which is of no interest to the boxing fans or Sports TV channels alike, in order to bide time waiting for a Mayweather or Pacquiao fight. This instead of giving Boxing fans, in particular, British fans what they want and stepping up to the championship plate against real opposition and making himself a more legitimate challenger.

Khan has long been an embarrassment to British Boxing with his whining excuses when losing, changing trainers as often as his socks and continuing to be incredibly thick skinned against accurate criticism, displaying no code or honor in his campaign as a Professional fighter, just trying to procure big money fights, slipping through the back door, pushing past far more worthy challengers like a unbeaten Danny Garcia or Kell Brook, intent on hustling or dodging his way to the top. He remains a poor representative for Britain abroad. Unlike that great British Boxer Carl Froch who is a source of National pride and takes on all comers, Khan has let us all down time and time again with no hint of shame.

Boxing is what inspired me to be a writer, teaching me how to appreciate the thrill of competition, the grace with brutality in the athleticism and the wonder of the heart of a true champion. Sometimes the Boxer we are rooting for loses bit it doesn't matter because when you take on all comers and lose like a man you're still a champion to your fans. Sadly Khan has become a symbol of everything that is wrong with sports today. Squeezing as many dollars and as much limelight as he can for as long as he can. He'll never apologise to his fans for his conduct so I will; Sorry Khan fans, Sorry British Boxing fans, Sorry sports fans everywhere. You deserve better. We all do.