Andre Ward Vs Sergey Kovalev: At Last A Real Fight!

Andre Ward Vs Sergey Kovalev: At Last A Real Fight!

Last night's light heavyweight debut of Andre Ward spelt trouble for recognized World Champion of that weight class, Sergey Kovalev. Ward gave a textbook clinic in the art of boxing while schooling previously unbeaten Cuban Sullivan Barrera. It was a complete master class by Ward carried out in front of fans in his own back yard fighting at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The icing on the cake for Ward enthusiasts was highlighted when he decked the bigger, more natural light heavyweight in the third round and dominated him throughout the remainder despite a reach disadvantage. Ward was masterful as usual in his use of distance and timing and looks like he will give Kovalev real problems. Whatever anyone's opinion maybe of the outcome we all must finally agree that we have a REAL fight to look forward to. It's been so long since we saw two real World class guys, both in their prime and who both really want to win, being pitted against each other. Sad to say that this is a rarity, but never the less, it's a fact.

Of course we do also have the Khan Vs Canelo fight to look forward to but that could easily be a novelty sideshow rather than a real World Championship fight. It could even be a real mismatch for the smaller man and I'm suspicious of Khan taking the fight for money and status rather than a genuine desire to beat Alvarez. Alvarez too must be seen to be a little guilty of taking a much easier option than a genuine top middle weight contender or champion that wouldn't run all night as Khan obviously will.

But anyway, back to the 'Real' fight in hand; let's hope nothing gets in the way of this big light heavy weight dust up. Ward is (wisely) taking another fight at the new weight before meeting Kovalev and anything can happen but hopefully, they could meet at the end of the year in what would be a barn-burner of a scrap. My money will be on Ward but it's no cakewalk even for him, pound for pound great that he is. Kovalev is a man who does his homework and he must be relishing the idea of another big marquee name in front of him. The last one was Bernard Hopkins who surely went in there out of arrogance and a little deluded in his own fading abilities. Kovalev did a real number on him and Hopkins has been inactive and pretty quiet since. Ward has dominated the super middle weight division in recent years and now. Like all greats, is moving up to bigger challenges and tests and was well aware of Kovalev's monster reputation when he chose to do so. So, to sum up; two men who truly fear no one putting it all on the line in a winner takes all war. Sounds almost to good to be true.......

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