Muhammad Ali

It’s been said that racism is so American that when we protest racism, some assume we’re protesting America. So let’s be very clear,” she says.
"It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe" Muhammad Ali The Greatest champion
Me? I was never a fan of the brutal sport of boxing; but I was always a fan of Muhammad Ali. Like everyone else on the planet, I watched him every chance I got, whether he was fighting or just talking. He dominated his sport, changed attitudes to minorities, and lit up our lives.
One word that sums up the life of this extraordinary personality is 'Movement'. From the humble beginnings of his boxing
People throughout the world are mourning the loss of legendary Muhammad Ali, however he had told the world quite sometime ago that he was "ready to meet God" as he had lived his life to the full.
The rabbi also took aim at "racist police and racist judges", who he said imprison African Americans for offences that "white
Photos capture the preparation for a seminal moment in cultural and political history.
Rare photographs of sporting hero Muhammad Ali have been released in a new book called Fighter’s Heaven 1974. Photographer
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