06/08/2014 07:30 BST | Updated 04/10/2014 06:59 BST

If God Doesn't Destroy Magaluf He Owes Sodom and Gomorrah an Apology!

The Sunday Times of August 3rd last carried an article detailing how a British girl was filmed giving oral sex to a string of men in a Spanish nightclub to win a cocktail. Remarkably, the authorities in Mallorca have drawn up a code of conduct for tourists in an effort to clean up the 'Resort's' image?!?

This is purely because a video of this 'event' went viral, otherwise these officials have been very happy to live off the immoral profits of this place for the last couple of decades knowing full well how this despicable carbuncle attracts it's depraved and dissolute clientele. Sad, disconnected young people, usually the product of broken homes searching for fun, thrills and a reason to go on in a bleak and unforgiving society choose an 18 to 30s gathering and we're shocked when this happens?

The truth is of course it happens more often than we think but it's just not reported. Why do people choose to do the things they do as a collective? There must be a reason. Why is morality a lost priority amongst the masses these days? Perhaps the bigger question is why our institutions and religions are crumbling? Could it be that they are no longer relevant? I mean the basic principles of religion; love and forgiveness are good but who needs the dogma?

People are still evolving so maybe beliefs formed 2000 years ago are not really applicable or relevant these days. Is there really just enough religion in the world to make men hate one another but not enough to make them love?

We in the UK long ago handed our media over to these 'merchants' like Murdoch who produce two distinctly different kinds of newspapers; The Times and The Guardian for example and the red tops that report what Katie Price did yesterday as 'News'. These seedy publications have had topless girls on page 3 since I was a little boy in the 1970s and we wonder why the poor simple people who read this tripe think that its relevant and exciting not to mention hugely influential in who to vote for?

Ed Miliband's One Nation speech of January this year rings out so hollow when you observe this distinction amongst people and their influences or source's of 'news'. We are so ashamed when some British shaven headed yob, topless and tattooed is dragged out from a foreign football match while draped in a union jack flag, cursing and vomiting simultaneously. Well, you cast your bread upon the water. As the country and your heritage is sold beneath your feet through privatization and corruption from everyone up to and including Politicians and The Police you have to regrettably realise that these authorities are only concerned with what is gained through this process and never what is lost.

Antisocial and irresponsible behaviour is not instinctive - it's learnt and social media means it's spread faster than ever before. The parents of young children and teenagers today are themselves from a generation riddled with the curse of moral abandonment along with self-entitlement (buy now - pay tomorrow or whenever) combined with an almost universal negligence of others and so by and large they raise ill educated and undisciplined offspring who are unfamiliar with the concept of right and wrong, overwhelmed with acquisitiveness and ultimately even more morally and financially irresponsible than their parents and with absolutely no sense of community.

Modern children are materially indulged with junk foods, training shoes and gadgets, knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing, sex is just the next step in indulgence to bored pre-teen lost souls. They, like their parents before them, devour everything available to them to fill a void choc a block that can never be filled.

A universal ethical code has been all but lost then and even the recent near-international bankruptcy for millions in the world still hasn't stopped the descent into the inevitable pit that consumption of continuous pleasure and acquisition inevitably ends. Magaluf is the focus this week but next week it will be somewhere else. I'm not usually this cynical but please, burn it down or stop complaining! Same stuff different day.