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Tyson Fury Doesn't Make me Feel very Patriotic This Weekend.

I'll be honest from the start; The Klitschko brothers are not my cup of tea boxing wise. Their upright, slightly mechanical style has made for some boring fights over the years but I have been won over into respecting them both for how they developed their careers respectively. I, along with many other boxing fans first had my doubts about Vitali's bottle after he quit on his stool against Chris Byrd way back in 2000. Then in 2003 brother Vladimir was exposed as amateurish and 'chinny' by the late, great Corrie Sanders when he was knocked out in two rounds. Both of these giant brothers then, despite showing some talent for boxing, clearly had 'feet of clay' or so it appeared. However, in 2003 when older brother Vitali boxed World Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis in his final fight he won me over completely with his toughness and courage which went way past the call of duty. He lost the fight by injury stoppage after suffering a horrific cut above the eye but at the same time won he the hearts of everyone watching by taking some huge shots from Lewis and firing back with his own, often getting the better of the action. He was ahead on the scorecards when the fight ended and clearly had no issues in the ticker department. Vladimir has also turned his career around. He has owned up to his weak whiskers and learnt how to box to protect them. A dedicated professional he is unbeaten in 11 years.

Now we come to Mister Fury. He appears to be pure ignorance on almost every level and shows little or no respect for anyone or anything. He is a foul mouthed, volatile and seemingly emotionally unstable man. Boxing wise, the jury is still out with regard to his talent and even more so to his dedication. He goes up and down in weight like a yoyo and to top it off he appears to not be up to much in the chin department (He's been knocked over by Cruiser-weights!). Even at his lightest bodyweight he exhibits a soft, fleshy body composition and has never come close to showing abdominal muscle definition. His bad behavior outside the ring is even more of a concern. He a prime example of the tragic, two tier education system in Britain where the lower of the two is personified by not only reading tabloid trash but exhibiting the behavior of the archetypical British shaven headed yob abroad, topless and tattooed, this kind is too all often witnessed on news footage being dragged out from a foreign football match while draped in a union jack flag, cursing and vomiting simultaneously, these people represent a kind of social acid reflux. Fury showed clearly that he is cut from a similar cloth when in 2014 he used foul and abusive language (in the presence of children!) at a press conference for a fight between him and another Brit, Derek Chisora. This ill mannered thug has the manners of a goat and it appears to most serious boxing pundits that he has only been successful to this point in his boxing because of his massive size.

Vladimir on the other hand is a much disciplined athlete of almost equal size to Fury. He is on the whole a good man and a fine ambassador for boxing. He has the chiseled physique you would expect to see on a real champion and is always prepared for his fights. You don't stay unbeaten for 11 years if you aren't. These facts are all too clear to Fury who yet again allowed his own insecurities to get the better of him when at a recent press conference for this forthcoming fight verbally he attacked Vladimir in every way possible. His bad mouthing is good for business I know but do we really want this kind of man to be The Heavy Weight Champion of the World? It will be a sad, sad day for boxing if it happens.

Go Vlad!!

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