02/03/2015 12:35 GMT | Updated 29/04/2015 06:59 BST

The Year of the New Connected Home

January was a month of 'new': new fitness regimes, New Year's resolutions, new jobs - perhaps even a glut of new connected devices, be it Christmas gifts or from the January sales. As we move well into the second month of the year, many of these 'new' things may have lost their shine. We may have already given up on our resolutions, our gym visits may have already become significantly less frequent - but even our shiny new internet-connected devices may have lost some of their appeal. If you feel this is the case, now is the time to act as it may be that you're not getting the most out of them.

With the latter, it may be that you feel you've invested a significant amount of money in new gadgets, but that they're not delivering in the way you were hoping. However it's likely this is not down to the connected device - but potentially the network you're attempting to connect it to. Picture this. You've connected the new tablet you got your son, along with the latest smartphone you bought your daughter and the Smart TV you treated yourself to in the January sales to your home network but none of them seem to be working the way you hoped. This is a significant addition to your network so puts it under considerable strain. You may also be adding all these devices but using exactly the same router you've always had. Just like overloading a shopping bag, it's only a matter of time before it gives way to the pressure. The right router, particularly one that works on the latest industry standard, will not only help you get the performance you expect from these devices, but even provide running speeds faster than you'd expected.

It's vital to address the pressures of your home network sooner rather than later as the connected home is only ever growing, with new devices inching into every corner. It's not just the smart TV or computer we're all so aware of; soon we will be surrounded by the likes of connected fridges, vacuum cleaners, and security cameras to name a few. Imagine all of your connected utilities running from the same routers - your fridge, freezer, TV, not to mention those already connected. This will all contribute to the eventual downfall of the home network. This overload could mean that the very products designed to make our lives easier, more streamlined and inter-connected become quite the opposite.

However, this hasn't got to be the case. There are simple, easy to install ways to ensure your home network doesn't buckle under the pressure and that your family can keep surfing with little to no stress.

Although it may seem our homes are already saturated with devices, adding just a couple more helpful home networking products can ensure your WiFi is extended from the bedroom to the kitchen and everywhere in between. The connected home is designed to make our lives easier, and is only going to progress in years to come, so taking this simple step will make sure you're home isn't hindered by your devices.