A Game of White Thrones and Iron Houses

A Game of White Thrones and Iron Houses

The populace over the pond that inhabit that freedom obsessed, divided nation of free thinkers, traditionalists and Rugby in armour supporters, will in a year and half be given a chance to vote in a wife of a formally sexually disgraced leader, or that of the ambitious baby brother of a morally questioned king. Together they'll battle it out in so called, swing states, for a shot at their lands Iron throne... Sorry, I mean err.. the White House...

American politics, love it? Hate it? Don't understand it? Especially how it constantly barks off about its democratic abundance of fairness, yet it only gives it's free people the choice of two political parties? It is, despite the confusion, far more fascinating than any pay per view, over budgeted, over priced HBO box set where they kill off the heroes and break every single rule that exists in keeping an audience happy and engaged. Yet, between them, they're not without their parallels.

Crooks are to be found on either side of the dividing line; spies, distrust and whistleblowers' manage to get under the skin of both parties and of course, there's that divine right of kings:

Bush of Senior One Season Puppet Master Villain.

Clinton the indulger of kingdom sexual spoils.

Bush the constantly trying to impress his Old Man.

Shit we messed up bad, free healthcare for all, brought to you by the clean up guy President Jesus, to give you what you want, please don't riot again, Filler.

Then it's back to the dynasty:

Clinton? Baratheon?

Bush? Definitely Lannisters!

I could poke fun at American politics for another 500 words, but then even in British politics, when it comes to making any kind of headway in becoming a clear choice and having a chance at government, it always boils down to how much clout you have behind you. A friend of mine pointed out to me the other day, that every president that has ever won his way into the White House, always managed to raise the most amount money during their campaign. But surely this is corruption? Doesn't this give these future leaders a massively unfair advantage? Also, what on earth is being promised behind closed doors to these wealthy investors? Surely you can't just give $10m to a "would be" King or Queen and not have some kind of arrangement in place of what they must do for you once the iron throne is claimed?

One fact is certain in American politics; they only get two choices. If 43% of Americans vote Clinton and the other half vote Bush, that 43% is a huge percentage of upset Americans. You have to just put up with the fact that a massive voice isn't heard and that great nation is in fact two nations. Surely the parties that exist should herald from the ideas and beliefs of the masses and come from them, constantly evolving to match the voices of the masses? Reform is needed on both sides of the Atlantic. But then perhaps the confusion of what we have and our innate laziness' together, keeps the various systems around us able to govern the masses? Constantly regurgitating that recycling is good for the planet and that leaving your house in the dead of night is bad.

One of the most clever political inventions of the last 100 years is the peaceful right to protest. It's exactly what keeps us in our place; content, happy and ignorant. We take out our anger waving a wooden banner in the air rather than taking up arms, killing the lot of them and putting Kanye West and his fat wife on the throne. Will we ever get a chance to be governed by real people? Or will we always have to just put up with this elite group of career politicians?

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