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Food Trends For Weddings 2017: From Edible Card Names To Roast Dinner Canapés

So with wedding season well and truly in full swing, what culinary delights are being dished out (from hipster food trucks, garnering their own hashtag or just generally delighting guests) up and down the country this year?

If there's one thing I know for sure about weddings, it's that couples love to add a touch of the latest foodie trend to proceedings. With a three course meal being the status quo across most wedding venues, anything that comes around this is the perfect chance for the couple to add a pop of their personality through edible wares.

So with wedding season well and truly in full swing, what culinary delights are being dished out (from hipster food trucks, garnering their own hashtag or just generally delighting guests) up and down the country this year?

Edible Place Cards

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everything is better when it's edible, and place cards are no exception. Often seen in the form of biscuits, bottled spirits, chocolate or cakes, it's an ideal way to combine your wedding favours and place cards in one. Not only will they impress your guests, but you'll save on unnecessary stationery costs too.

Experience Led Food

Help yourself buffets have been given the boot in favour of foodie spectacles. Couples are now turning their food service into a form of entertainment that's guaranteed to rival the crowd-pulling bar. Whether it be someone mashing, dicing and freeze frying delicious ice cream rolls or crafting a tower of sweetie overload in the form of a 'freak shake', your guests will marvel over the visual delights.

Miniature Comfort Food

Are you after canapés that are guaranteed to delight any food loving Brit? Miniature comfort food is the perfect crowd pleaser. Think little newspaper wraps of fish and chips, a delicious roast encapsulated in one Yorkshire pudding or little burgers stacked high with all the best bits. This is also the ideal chance to celebrate your favourite foods as a couple too and get creative.

Foodie Homages

Many in the wedding industry have seen a surge in buffets purely dedicated to an absolute foodie favourite of the couple. So for example, if you and your other half bonded over a mutual love of Marmite, you could potentially be dishing out Marmite sausage rolls, Marmite glazed ribs, Marmite popcorn, Marmite dipped...anything? The world is your Marmite oyster so get stuck in.

Midnight Snacks

Transport your guests back with the child-like excitement of midnight snacks after a night spent on the dance floor. This can take the form of little Chinese take out boxes filled with noodles, milk and cookies, little bites of fast food, or even a shot of coffee to gear them up for the next few hours!

Canapé Pairings

If you can't envisage a chicken pot pie without a pint or pulled pork tacos without just a touch of tequila, you don't have to. We've seen a real trend towards canapé pairings where everything is in miniature (naturally), but each finger sized food is paired with a little drink taster too. These are great served as canapés at the champagne reception or as a little boost after a fun filled evening.

Edible Flowers

As people increasingly embrace fresh, locally sourced food, we've noticed that this wholesomeness is punctuated with the use of edible flowers too. Previously a styling addition reserved for Michelin starred restaurants only, times are changing with Sainsbury's now stocking their own collection of edible flora based on increased popularity and demand. With pansies typically being the flower of choice, their vibrant colours bring zing to any canapé, dessert or drink.

Soup Sips

Typically served from delicate and dainty china, soup sips - small sip-able soups - are a delicious mix of flavours primed and ready to kickstart your taste buds. We've typically seen these served as canapés or as palate cleansers before the rest of the courses commence, but it's up to you how you choose to serve them. They're ideal as a cosy winter warmer in those colder months or as a refreshing sip served cold in the summer.

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