02/01/2013 06:07 GMT | Updated 02/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Stepping Into the Unknown

It is currently New Year's Eve 2012 and, as I sit writing this, most of you will already be tucking into a nice pint and wishing your nearest and dearest a "Happy New Year". This is a time to make that new start and venture into the 'unknown' that is 2013.

I'm feeling that more than most, as tomorrow evening could change my life. At 10pm on New Year's Day, Challenge TV are broadcasting the first two episodes of TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp - the reality TV show where the winner gets a contract to wrestle in America for TNA.

That basically means that from the very first day of this New Year, life won't be the same for me or my rivals in the series: The Blossom Twins and Marty Scurll.

How do I know this? Well since I last blogged here, we have all been swamped with Tweets, texts, messages and phone calls from people all wishing us well and wanting to know more and more about British Boot Camp. The media coverage for the show has been like nothing I've ever seen for wrestling in the UK before, with national newspapers, radio stations, magazines and websites all writing about us and requesting interviews. It feels surreal at times.

Going for a night out with friends in Birmingham isn't the same for me either, as I can't walk anywhere in my hometown without someone recognising me from "that advert" that has been plugged all over Sky TV and Freeview. They know the score though...mine's a Jager and ladies get in line!

Last week I was recognised in a busy nightclub toilet and may as well have set up a table for a group of people to all have photos with me. Sadly it was not the most flattering of places to be asked for a picture or to shake hands, although I made sure they were washed!

I can tell you all, hand on heart, that while I have only seen bits and bobs of certain parts of the show, it really is an honest and open portrayal of our journey. A journey that has seen me meet my heroes and learn more than I could have ever imagined. I can't wait for you to watch and join us.

The 'unknown' is approaching for all of us as 2013 begins, but I have never been more excited.

Watch Rockstar Spud compete in TNA Wrestling: British Boot Camp on Tuesday January 1 from 10pm on Challenge TV (Sky channel 125, Freeview 46 and Virgin 139).