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Diamond Dallas Page or DDP, as he is known to millions, is inspirational. Watch his WWE Hall of Fame Speech, read about his career, spend time listening to him lead you through his DDP Yoga workout or speak to him on the phone for 30 minutes and you will be left charged with positive energy...
The internet, like any publishing format, shouldn't be the Wild West of unsubstantiated gossip, with limited recourse from injured parties, especially when the people running sites like Gawker are making money.
The former WWF wrestler was secretly recorded having sex with his friend's wife.
American wrestler Hulk Hogan has been awarded $115m (£79m) in damages after a jury in Florida found that the Gawker website
Hulk Hogan has fallen victim to a sick prank, after internet trolls targeted him with a fake post about Cheryl Fernandez
Hulk Hogan has revealed that ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ are going to have to cough up the big bucks if they want to get him
New recordings have emerged of former WWE star Hulk Hogan making racist comments and slurs. Hogan is captured making several
Former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan has a history of falling for pranks on Twitter. He once retweeted a picture of Madeleine McCann
Former WWE star Hulk Hogan has been mocked by fellow wrestler New Jack, after a transcript was released which appeared to
WWE wrestling star Hulk Hogan says he is "disappointed with himself" after reportedly being fired as a result of a sex tape