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The Champions by Romina Ressia


"The Champions" project explores how the contemporary society sees and values things like glory and success. It talks about preconceptions and our valuation of talent and effort. Being part of a society in which people is legitimated by their first prizes and their popularity, makes me think about priorities.

Even when these images suggest a strong connection with sports, the series also arises as a result of personal observations about life in general. In the age of the "likes" as indicators of talent; the age of the selfies and social networks; in a world where people paradoxically struggles to differentiate themselves while the desire to belong produces a near global mimicry, and considering the meaning of the word "thriunfalism" -as a disproportionate or unreasonable celebration of the perceived successes and virtues of a given group, religion, or ideology relative to those of others-, this work questions about individual and global considerations of being successful.

"The woman & the Hen"

"The Fencer"

"The wrestler"

"Rhythmic Gymnast with ball"

"Rhythmic Gymnasts"

"The Hen"

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