Pretentious? Nope, Just Cool. Meet The 1975

Pretentious? Nope, Just Cool. Meet The 1975

Matt Healy was on time, polite and not afraid to shut fans up, as the 1975's tour came to an end, yesterday night in Cardiff's Motorpoint.

Starting at 9 PM sharp, Matty (as his beloved fans call him) and gang brought politics, a goofy sense of humour and, ultimately, a great, final performance to the Welsh scene.

From "Somebody Else" to the powerful lyrics of "Loving Someone" ("We shouldn't have people afloat. If it was safer on the ground, we wouldn't be on a boat"), they clearly didn't disappoint.

Funny fact about "Loving Someone", Matt asks his audience to switch off his phones and live in the moment. Funnier fact, everyone did it: included me.

The night was filled with new and blast from the past songs ("Chocolate" and "Girls", among the many). Most importantly, it was an all-round, magnetic experience; with his clean voice and versatile music skills, the guy knows what he's doing and was not afraid to stop drunk people from going too far ("Don't ruin everyone's night, mate") high-fiving them five minutes later for listening to him.

The 1975 were more than most people were expecting: forget the self-proclaimed ennui, every song was an intricate, structured piece and each with its own world and characters.

That's what happens when you listen to the 1975's songs, you find out there's always a character, someone you want to know more about; you get attached to them, as if they were real; like the "Paris" girl, from the last album ("I like it when you sleep, you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it"), you just want to see if there's more to that story.

The new album also saw great performances which questioned the world ("2016 was a fucked up year," he shouted to the audience) and faith with the song "If I believe you".

If you ask me, there was no trace of the so-called arrogance and I am sure, their young (from 12 to 25 ish ish) following, agree with me. All "dressed in black head to toe" sang at top of their lungs, switched off their phone and full embraced the most basic yet liberal views of a band, that is not pop, not boy-band but just right there living in the moment.

I really believe that for 2016, we could do a lot worse.


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