12/06/2014 10:18 BST | Updated 11/08/2014 06:59 BST

Coffee - My Guilt Free Vice

There is nothing like a coffee to start the day, and to see you through the day for that matter. As a writer I rely not only on this gorgeous, bitter liquid to set me up, but I also need the premises. I need to be in the right place to get me in the creative mood. As a writer there is nothing nicer than sitting people-watching for half an hour. Overhearing snippets of conversation, checking-out people's outfits and comparing my life to what theirs may be like, all this is creative writing fuel and helps me to make sure that I am wired into real life so I can write my column.

Every week there is a new study telling us to drink less coffee or ditch it completely, followed by another one telling us we should drink more. So should we? I know caffeine is apparent in most over the counter drugs, but I don't take any of those, so I'm okay with my three cups a day, right?

Of course, I am conscious about my weight as I work as a model and a fittings model; I need to keep my size in check. Should I be drinking coffee? Hell yes, I don't have a regular chocolate habit (occasional 70% plain), a coke habit (*insert classic drug/model joke in here* but who wants their Vodka watered down with a mixer?) or use painkillers.

So on the whole, apart from cigarettes, it's my only vice. Am I addicted to anything? I don't think so, I can give up cigarettes in the blink of an eye, I just choose not to. Saying this, I have been known to dip into the odd Chai Latte (Shh) but as far as first thing in the morning goes, it's got to be a strong hit of the dark stuff.

It is a definite love/ hate thing, it can make you anxious and nervous and yes, it is highly addictive, but on the flip side it's also soothing and something that can help your body. Apparently, caffeine can boost your muscles ability to recover after exercise and as a runner and gym-goer I do notice a difference to my muscle burn, depending on whether I have my early morning hit. The body uses glycogen during a work out to fuel your energy levels, once these stores are depleted this is when you 'hit your wall' then the caffeine encourages your body to use up fat to fuel your energy. Straight-up with no milk also has its benefits - no calories for a start, the downside is that this is no friend to your tooth enamel.

I was sort of excited when I scrolled through my twitter feed to discover that someone had posted some of my favourite places onto a blog ( if you want to check them out ) Not sure if I'm happy that my favourite haunts have been in print - We can keep it a secret between us, though - yeh?

Should I maybe start drinking decaff? Bitch, please... The caffeine is removed but it is also replaced by horrendous chemicals such as those used to base paint stripper. No I don't have any guilt about my caffeine habit. So rock n roll - I know. Hard caffeine, straight up and guilt-free with a bit of people watching thrown in; ensconced in my favourite hangouts? Yes please.

So to all you fabulous baristas everywhere and you lovely people who hang out in these joints, thank you for helping me write and get my mojo going. Who knows...? One day I may be looking at /over-hearing you. Watch this space for any words of wisdom you may read and recognise...Oh and for future reference... Hey there... Lady in the blue top - those leggings really do not do you any favours.