caffeine addiction

We recently stayed in a beautiful hotel called the Seaside Boarding House, down in Dorset - overlooking Chesil Beach. We were there for a weekend wedding and it was absolutely stunning. Large, endless skies, rough, grey seas, giant, clay cliffs and the hotel itself sitting in all its beach-house glory, comfortably on the cliff's edge.
2. You know any situation can be made better with coffee. 7. You ask yourself several times a day whether another coffee
After a full month of not drinking caffeine I've just been and had my first coffee - a tasty, bitter black Americano. Relishing the first, piping-hot sip in slow motion, I sat down to chat to a colleague about existential copywriter stuff and what stuff means and stuff.
Caffeine addiction is something from which more people 'suffer' than would probably care to admit, because really we don't see it as an addiction. Nicotine dependence gives you cancer and emphysema; alcoholism gives you liver disease and driving bans; meth could result in a face different to the one you were born with.
It is a definite love/ hate thing, it can make you anxious and nervous and yes, it is highly addictive, but on the flip side it's also soothing and something that can help your body.
Coffee is funny isn't it? Quite addictive really. Especially if you drink it every day. And if, like me, you're often in a hurry and need a quick caffeine hit, the methodology of the modern coffee house can be a little frustrating. Take today, for example...
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