10/02/2014 04:19 GMT | Updated 11/04/2014 06:59 BST

New York, Paris and Milan. Sorry Guys - Brits Do It Better.

With the advent of London Fashion Week upon us, it's time to start dressing better. There is no excuse. Over the last few years London has proved that it's shows are centrifugal to the fashion week calendars, The UK designers are taking LFW global by utilising social media to generate interest with live facebook streaming, Instagramming and 'Tweetwalk' offering instant access to sold out shows. By the close of the event brands, shows and designers had clocked up a whopping 365,000 online mentions. Last years fashion shows were definitely the most media savvy ever. Of course, it had to get political too - Samantha Cameron opened the doors of 10 Downing Street to some of the fashion industry lynch pins; But let's be honest - The UK fashion industry has done more for the United Kingdom than 'Cool Britannia' ever could.

This year I am choosing to forgo the usual big name designer shows - every fashion journalist is going to be regurgitating the same old stuff, so I'm choosing the new fresher faces of the scene. The ones who create one of a kind designs, the unusual and the ones who cater for all, Pop-Up's, shows and events in locations other than Somerset House.

To start the week, we have the British Plus Size Fashion Weekend; this is the second weekend that has been put on and last year saw support from many organisations such as, Models of Diversity, All Walks, celebrities and many famous 'plus size' designers. Sponsored by Evans - whom might I add, do clothing ranges starting at a size 14. I can't help but think 'Isn't it time to drop the 'Plus' size label?'

The average British Woman is a size 16 - Knocks out that size 14 eh? I personally find the term demeaning and also rather demoralising. The models who are partaking In the show are curvy and healthy. These are not women who like too much cake - these women are winners especially Whitney Thompson who won America's Next Top Model in 2008. She is 5'10 and a US dress size 12-14 (UK 16-18) hardly obese is she? So do we really have a nation of plus size women on our hands??

Don't get me wrong I am happy that there are designers who are doing more than stopping at a size 16 and the names who are showing at the BPSFW are testimony to this but shouldn't LFW be more inclusive?

I suppose this can only stem from a change in attitude.

'Why are you covering a plus size fashion show?' I was asked last year and again just the other day. Fair point - the clothes at the show aren't my size - but that doesn't prevent me from having an opinion does it? I know an ill fitting or swampy-looking dress compared to something that can highlight sexy curves. I work in fashion, should I not discuss Menswear either? Maternity wear? Or have an opinion on Children's clothing? Maybe, if the Plus Sized label could be dropped from fashion design, then the ridiculous question would become obsolete.

There is no excuse - London Fashion Week has designers all over the Capital producing, exhibiting, showing. There is no excuse whatever your shape, size or style. The only way LFW will be more inclusive is if we continue to support the ones who are trying to do exactly that.