models of diversity

The typical jobs for older models continue to be the ones for which advertising clients are casting lovable and warm-hearted grandparents
Models Of Diversity, the campaign to change the face of fashion and diversity within the media industry's put on a show like no other in Londons trendy Spitalfields market. A perfect location full of local craft, stores and people who love fashion.
London Fashion Week is a must for any fashion junky's diary. A place to see and be seen, the wacky and the wild, the classy and the chic, and let's not forgetting some celebrities perched on the FROW of each show.
The past couple of years the plus size models have been taking the fashion industry by storm 'empowering women' and encouraging women to love and accept their imperfections, the cellulite... the back fat.
From the age of 10 I was obsessed with models and fashion I loved the creativity and the glamour. I would look at these images and wish I to could look like those models in the magazines, being young and naive I was unaware about the hard work that is put into creating an image and that what I was really looking at were images of fantasy.
Being a disabled young woman and model can at times be disheartening. Living a life that is a daily physical struggle is hard-going. Having to think through all the smallest little details before even leave the house is itself exhausting at times.
2015 was a great year for MoD, seeing many changes within the fashion industry, with the rise of the plus size model hitting headlines thanks to models like curvy model Ashley Graham and her tribe, taking to the catwalks and flaunting there curves with pride.
When it came to my turn to rock the runway I was more than ready to show my size 12 curves off to the crowd in a sheer top and high wasted skirt, I loved every minute of it. The cheers from the crowd and the amazing energy was a true sign of what the public like, that is diversity and real people who they can relate to.
We filmed it at Scope's West Hampstead shop and had a great laugh making it. The other stars of the ad - the shop manager Cathy, volunteer Maureen and all the other people in the ad who react to my strip were great.
So what do you do when you bump into Mickey Rourke in a bar? You become his good mate, visit him in his LA mansion and then you retire from your rugby career and follow your dream of becoming a film star. Not something that happens to many of us, but this is the lucky story of prop Keith Mason who has just recently retired from Rugby League.
There is no excuse - London Fashion Week has designers all over the Capital producing, exhibiting, showing. There is no excuse whatever your shape, size or style. The only way LFW will be more inclusive is if we continue to support the ones who are trying to do exactly that.
'I will find inner peace this year', 'I will exercise this year',' 'I will spend more time with my friends this year'... and on the mantra mill goes on. This year I made a resolution to shun New Year's resolutions for the rest of my life. I don't want to be tied down to that level of commitment.
Now that the Fashion weeks have closed, we are in that awkward Autumnal lull, where you layer up only to have to take half of them off by lunchtime. Despite this I love Autumn and Spring, these are the seasons of change and should be the most exciting ones!
Angel Sinclair CEO of Models of Diversity approached me initially to write a piece about the show and during the interview she asked me if I would model. I said no... so why did I decide to do this? The catalyst was when my slim, athletic, healthy, 8 year old daughter asked me "Mummy am I fat?"
Fashion is to do with our identity and is a global phenomenon. We live in a society whose fabric is diversity, so fashion should reflect this. Our lives can only be enriched by diversity and inclusivity.
The models for the show are bloggers, and this may seem an odd choice for a catwalk show; surely these are the girls who just turn up to fashion shows? As Edita states her reason for this is 'bloggers are the new it girls,' although the term 'It girls' may leave some of you rolling your eyes.