22/12/2015 05:07 GMT | Updated 21/12/2016 05:12 GMT

With Corbyn Making It Clear He's Here to Stay, Labour MPs Need to Turn Their Attention to the Tories

Despite the onslaught Jeremy Corbyn has undergone since he became leader of the Labour Party 100 days ago, he stands defiant, making it clear his way of politics and his leadership are both here to stay. But what does this mean for many Labour MPs who so desperately want Corbyn removed as leader?

On the Andrew Marr Show, Angela Eagle refused to give a clear endorsement of Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party in the next election. Any Tory watching would have been ecstatic given a prominent Labour Shadow Cabinet member cannot even fully support the party's leader. Again, as with every attempt at degrading Corbyn's leadership by Labour MPs, this move only provided the Tories with an unnecessary advantage, portraying Labour as a divided party.

It is obvious some Labour MPs wish to continue attacking Corbyn's leadership until he simply cannot handle the pressure anymore. Yet, after 100 days of already doing so, and only having strengthened Corbyn's position, surely it is time to focus instead on the damage the Tories are inflicting on the country.

While many Labour MPs have been trying to oust Corbyn, the Tories have introduced changes that have resulted in thousands dropping off the voting register without their knowledge, inflicted even more damaging cuts on local government (which even Cameron himself complained about to his local council, seemingly unaware of the extent of his own Chancellor's cuts), refused 16 and 17-year-olds the right to vote in the EU referendum, scrapped student maintenance grants, denied under 25s a minimum wage pay rise, hinted that university fees could rise above £9,000, proposed harmful cuts to Universal Credit and made it extremely hard for the renewable energies industry to flourish by drastically cutting green subsidies at a time when we ought to be investing in the industry. The list of regressive policies the Tories have introduced since May goes on.

Yet while the Tories continue to introduce such harmful policies, Labour MPs still take unnecessary swipes at Corbyn, some publishing articles in the Daily Mail, of all places, claiming Corbyn will spell disaster for Labour in 2020. Clearly, their attempts at degrading his leadership have failed miserably, with Corbyn now well and truly rooted in the leadership role. It seems unlikely that he will resign any time soon. In fact, if he has managed to survive through the smears from his own party and sections of the media for this long, it seems inconceivable that he will resign in the near future unless he makes a fatal move that would spell the end of any politician's leadership.

The bitter reality for so-called 'moderate' Labour MPs is that Corbyn is here to stay. For many, including Angela Eagle it seems, this is yet to sink in. With a colossal mandate from Labour members who think he is performing considerably well so far, MPs who would rather a more 'moderate' leader must refrain from causing further damage to their party. Indeed, by continually bashing Corbyn and consequently handing the Tories the opportunity to keep highlighting just how divided Labour is over its new leader, they have inflicted more damage on their own party than Corbyn's leadership ever has.

Obviously, if his leadership does fail dramatically in the coming year then Labour members and MPs rightfully ought to seek a new leader to increase the party's chances of winning in 2020. But right now, after the success in the Oldham by-election, along with victories in the form of tax credits and the Saudi prison contract, Corbyn is in a strong position to lead the Labour Party. The future looks hopeful as many thousands continue to join the party as a result of his leadership. All 'Corbynites' ask of Labour MPs who genuinely feel Jeremy Corbyn is not the right person to lead their party is that they give him a chance. The Tories are laughing right now as they watch the Labour Party tear itself apart over Corbyn. Yet if the party was to unite behind their new leader they will find themselves in a much stronger position. Corbyn's done his bit, going into the new year it's now up to 'moderate' Labour MPs to play their part too and get behind their leader.