10/05/2013 11:26 BST | Updated 10/07/2013 06:12 BST

A Man's Guide to Dressing for Summer

With summer just around the corner and the warmer weather upon us, have you noticed a shift in your daily routine? You've switched to ordering a frappuccino in the morning rather than a latte, you're cycling to work rather than braving the tube, and Friday team lunches now invariably end up in the sun-trap garden of the local pub.

But beware, whilst you're genuinely feeling happier and full of the delights of spring, be careful your wardrobe hasn't gone into meltdown as a result. We've all been guilty of those fashion faux-pas - remember that beaded necklace you decided to sport after your holiday in Bali and how that went down! So, if you're feeling in need of a little fashion pick-me-up, read my man's guide to dressing for summer.

Men supposedly have it easy, particularly if you're required to wear a suit to work. There are simple rules that are easy to follow when wearing a suit, like ensuring your suiting is immaculately tailored and you have an arsenal of shirts and ties on rotation each week.

However, footwear is where most men tend to fail at the suit dress-code. Square-toed shoes should be banned and any shoe branded a hybrid design ( ie. a brogue come trainer), may be suitable for your cycling commute but should be relegated for weekend wear only. For the summer months, try a leather or suede loafer style with your suiting but be weary of the no sock routine. Only brave this with a cotton or linen suit, omit a tie and ensure your trousers are either cuffed or with a slightly shorter break than your usual hem. Lastly, who wants to wear a suit jacket when the weather's warm? I feel for you. Just ensure your shirt underneath is fitted (and clean), and keep it tucked in. There is nothing worse than an unflatteringly, large-cut shirt worn un-tucked for a Friday night out.

Colour. I'll happily admit my wardrobe is not awash with boring neutrals and black. I do try to embrace pattern and colour as often as possible, and the summer months are the best time to have more fun with your wardrobe. But the key to pulling this look off is to not overdo it. As a general rule, always break up any pattern or colour with complimentary neutrals or darks. If bright yellow shorts are your thing, wear with a crisp white T-shirt. A bold floral print shirt? Why not try with navy cotton trousers. Another easy tip is to add good denim to your look. Pair a denim shirt with pattern shorts for a cool laidback look or add slim-cut jeans with a bright T-shirt and cotton blazer for a smart finish. Remember your use of fabrics too. Summer isn't the time for heavy wool or fleece (ever) so follow your missus' lead and pack that stuff away until the cold weather returns... which knowing the British climate, won't be too many months away.