Inspired by the night's sky, these accessories will add a touch of cosiness.
The colour you choose for your workspace has a powerful influence on your creativity, motivation, inspiration and productivity.
Colour – like love – is all around. And has been for ages. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese built temples of colour
Even the most sombre room can look full of colour and light when there is sunshine streaming in. But as the sun gets hazier
If one day I am blessed with a child, I will teach them that there is unique inherent beauty in every single skin colour. That beauty is not confined to complexion, just as their worth is never confined to their physicalities, nor their race or gender.
Here's a question. You're going to an interview, or perhaps having to address some very important people with your ideas and views; what colour do you wear? What colour of clothing will subconsciously command more respect for you? Well, it's probably going to be blue.
We may have different weather, foods, educations and cultures, but there's one thing the world agrees on: our favourite colour
The first known observer of genetically-based personal colour selection was Johannes Itten (1888 - 1967) of the Bauhaus group in Germany. He discovered that when his students painted identical scenes, some would choose warm colours, whereas others would favour cool colours.
For generations writers have used coloured ink in correspondence. Jane Austen wrote in ink made from iron gall, which first
Fashion is a fascinating business, one so versatile that it can collaborate with any type of industry. In the past I worked with Suzuki cars to create a colour psychology car test to help their clients identify the car that suited them best based on their colour preferences.