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Feng Shui for the Soul


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We respond on a deep level to our environment. Everything that we take in feeds us or brings us down. Being unique, we benefit from different things but it's proved throughout the ages that the elements together with certain shapes, words, sounds and colors are universal harmonizers, naturally uplifting and inspiring.

Feng Shui, a popular ancient Chinese Philosophy focusing on creating harmony in our private and business environment, is based on this. Practicing Feng Shui gives balance, fun and success in our life, love and work. When we create an environment that we truly relate to, we automatically feel happier.

We know life is our mirror reflecting who we are, wouldn't it be better to start Feng Shui on the inside then? However contributing it is to create a great mirror is it sufficient if we clean that mirror when we have a smudge on our cheek?

Our current lifestyle gives the mind most attention; body is second and our soul...? Well it is lucky if it gets any attention at all. To feel balanced overall, we need to give enough attention to all parts we consist of: body, spirit and soul.

Feng Shui for the Soul means working on your inner environment. So how do we do that then? It's really not that difficult. Think of all that unwinds you, which makes you take a break from your demanding life, routines and patterns. To stop and relax is to get in touch with your soul.

We have a natural wisdom that effortlessly lets us feel what is right or wrong, what nurtures and what not. When we take enough time out, we can feel that wisdom undoubtedly. The key is to create enough space for this to happen.

'Feng Shui for the soul' in 7 steps:

1. Mini Holiday

Ever wondered why a holiday is so healing? Because it's freedom and freedom nurtures our soul. Plan time to be completely free from your phone, TV, computer, work, talking and thinking about all your daily chores. Start with 2 hours, 3 x a week.

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2. Decide

A common mistake is to plan what we will do in that free time. However, that's not free at all. Freedom is to decide what we truly feel we need in the moment.

3. Allow

This might be scary, what if nothing comes up? To be free often first brings out fear and this is why we keep ourselves busy! Once we allow this fear and go through it, we relax and connect with our real self.

4. Clear out

Our soul will jump to the occasion to shed all the shit once it has our time and attention. So whatever comes up, just let it happen. It needs to be felt. Then you can let go. Your soul will do all the work for you. (It's no different from cleaning the house, you don't inspect all the dirt, now do you? You just wipe it away and that's all there is to it).

5. Uplift

By now you know what you really need; a sauna, a long bath by candle light, a natural walk, visit a sacred place, a museum, or treat yourself to something really special (and I don't mean buying shoes or anything like that). Your 2 hours off should be filled with something out of your ordinary routines. Preferably something you long for or never get around to anymore. It has to feel like you are giving yourself a mini-holiday, remember? As soon as the peace starts to arise, you know you're on the right track.

6. Simplicity inspires

Simplicity is the soul's advocate. Anything complicated comes from our mind. Simplicity gives peace and peace indicates we are actually connected to our true selves. This empowers and allows inspiration to come up. Happiness is the result! Et Voila... your mini-holiday is complete.

7. Note down

Your real effort to release and recharge yourself from the soul gives inspired insights. Write them down, because when we step back into our daily routines, our mind doubts the clarity achieved. So write down and act according to your clarity.

When you've exercised the muscle of your heart and soul properly with those 2 hours 3 x a week, you will notice that inner wisdom and inspiration come forward with clarity on a daily basis. True feeling will be felt undeniably. Everything becomes easier when we are ourselves. We know because we feel.

Once you get the hang of it, you realize it's easy and fun to work with Feng Shui for the Soul. You energy and health increase. Your passion, intuition, happiness and creativity rise, you'll attract success and ooze sexiness just because you're embodying YOU more. All the more reason to get going...

For more information, email Soul coach Sacha at or visit the website , order your own "Feng Shui for the Soul" - soul reading! or come and stay with us on your own personalized soulful mini-holiday