12/06/2014 11:53 BST | Updated 09/08/2014 06:59 BST

Four Keys to a Relaxed and Happy Pregnancy

Reading the energy of an unborn baby is so magical, pure and present. There are rarely any energetic blockages in an unborn baby, which makes it really easy to tap into their needs from and questions for the parents. What's been striking is that there is a clear recurring pattern of needs that nearly every unborn child has for and from their parent-to-be. Fulfilling those needs mean that you'll have an easier pregnancy and that the baby might be happier to arrive in the world, giving you an easier birthing process. There is also a common thread to what pregnant ladies really need (and seem to forget a lot) to feel more in balance.


Photo's by: Carin du Burck

The four keys to a relaxed and happy pregnancy

1. You naturally carry your baby

Realize that it's natural for you to carry your baby, you do not have to make an extra effort for it. You do not have to focus on the baby, all you have to do is focus on being relaxed and healthy as a mum-to-be and to make sure you are free from stress.

Just provide yourself with the best care, the best sleep, the best energy, the best stress-free environment, the best food and the best support from your partner... then your body will automatically do the rest. Just constantly look at what you need to feel at peace, how you can love yourself more, and don't forget to include your partner in that process.

2. Confidence

It's crucial to your baby to feel safe, safe to be born easily into this new world. So if you are worrying about becoming a parent, or about anything else during your pregnancy, your baby becomes anxious and feels unsafe. This can lead to the baby not wanting to leave the womb. So it's important that you train yourself and your partners mind on being and feeling totally confident about becoming parents for the first time.

When you and your partner train your minds to ban out any doubt, you step into your power as parents. When you both feel totally relaxed about being absolutely ready and happy to receive and carry this child, and that you know what you are doing in becoming a parent, you give the baby the feeling you are totally confident and happy, that's when the baby feels safe within you, and happier to grow abundantly and stress free and to be born effortlessly, that's when the baby feels it can trust that you know what you are doing. The baby will be giving all your feelings of comfort and confidence back to you in return.


Photo's by: Carin du Burck

3. Positive Communication

Unborn babies are often extremely curious about the world they are about to encounter. Positive communication about your life, about the birthing process and about everything that this earth and planet involves is very welcome. It's really good to explain every little detail of what this world is all about. You can even tell your baby about the position it needs to be in before birth and how you can't wait to meet him/her. You can communicate about your family, the bond you have with the daddy and vice versa, talk about your job, your life in general, nature, animals, the baby's room and the life that you had before. It's incredible how baby's relax when they are up to speed with what's about to come.

Common Mistake

Very often the parents put too much focus and pressure on their unborn child by consciously or subconsciously asking it all sorts of questions, and that way unknowingly putting the unborn child in charge of everything. Which will lead to a stressed baby, a restless child that feels insecure about actually being born because the parents are not providing it with the safety, security and confidence that goes with them being in charge and them knowing exactly what they are doing. You will start to feel insecure because your baby is becoming insecure. You as parents taking charge and being in charge is really important. ( it's like taking a driving lesson and you notice the instructor is completely insecure about what to do and when, he doesn't know the rules etc... would you take that lesson?? ) You two as parents are the adults and the moment you conceive, is the moment you need to step up to that plate! Your child will benefit it's entire life of it if you do so.


Photo's by: Carin du Burck

4. Be In the moment

Learn how to be present and in the moment while pregnant. Being in the moment means being in your power and when you are in your power, you give the baby power to grow and become strong and confident. This moment is your only moment of power in which you can create the reality you want and need.

All of the above seems fairly logical yet it's amazing to see how many forget that besides, love and health, the above things are needed too to make yourself, your pregnant time and your baby feel happy and most of all safe.

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