10/01/2014 09:30 GMT | Updated 12/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Why I Love Kate Moss

Permanently smoking with her hipbones shining through that Calvin Klein dress, doll face Kate was a breath of fresh air when she arrived in the early 90's. Ever since I saw her strut down the runway for Bella Freud in a black and pink fringe bikini in 1993, I was team Moss forever. I can't imagine Kate not being part of my fashionable life for she has always been there for me like mascara or anything black. As she celebrates her fortieth birthday next week fresh from removing her bunny tail for Playboy, Kate is set to take center stage yet again in 2014; and here is why, I love her.

She's from Croydon -

The thought of Kate possibly popping into Woolworths somehow made 15 year old me feel like we could get along and talk about boys. Croydon is a lot more accessible than Hollywood after all, and like Liverpool and The Beatles, Croydon will always have Kate, so that's one up on LA - YEAH.

She's loyal -

From her firm friendship with ex Jefferson Hack, to defending her long-term friends when they find themselves embroiled in a touch of public backlash; Kate protects her team like a Lion with a cub, only dressed in Saint Laurent, of course.

She dated Jonny Depp -

A union of cheekbones none of us can forget, it was a visual heaven of cool when these two were together, and today we have Kim and Kanye, awesome.

She laughs, a lot -

Not one to pout or take herself overly seriously, you can guarantee off duty Kate will be snapped with her mouth wide roaring with laugher without a care in world. Nose wrinkled, possible temporary double chin, she doesn't care, how refreshing.

She follows her heart -

We all had our concerns when we saw sweaty grimy Pete Doughty hands all over our Princess, but Kate stayed true to her feelings and loved the musician anyway. Luckily, she switched up to the lovely Jamie Hince and everything was right in the world.

She's on our level -

Of course she's not really, but I like the fact that you could bump into Kate at the local pub or at The Wolseley. Kate is comfortable anywhere and that, is cool. Who wants 24/7 bling anyway? A bell-end poser.

She's never overdone -

I find layers of make up, stiff outfits and not a hair out of place thoroughly unappealing on anyone. Kate's staple relaxed look of free flowing hair and natural make up gives her a youthful edge over any modern icons decades younger. Save the caking on for cocktails and the Academy awards only.

She's timeless -

A simple black cocktail dress with Louboutins in the evening, skinny jeans with boots and a fur or a blazer in the day - it's fail safe Kate and no one does it better. Add a fedora hat, a touch of paisley in the summer, some fringing and of course sunglasses, and you're stylish for life, effortless Kate, effortless.

She is totally accessible -

From her Croydon roots to her laugh, open heart, and timeless style, Kate is an icon who is totally English, utterly accessible, and seemingly down to earth. Icons' of the future take note; Keep it real, remember your roots, and get over yourself.