29/12/2015 10:34 GMT | Updated 29/12/2016 05:12 GMT

A Beginner's Guide to the Law Of Attraction


Not that I want to piss all over that awesome poorly designed, hideous font choice of a 'powerful' image you just posted, but it seems to me second-hand 'inspirational quotes' are popping up every, single, time you go social media.

Don't get me wrong - I wrote the book on positively, and live it every single day, but what I'm referring to are the hoards of sheep banging on about a quote someone quite brilliant said and then doing zero to back it up; you need action to achieve things, just pressing 'share' is not enough.

As positive as it is to see more people than ever understanding the keys to a happy life are as old as time itself, I worry that the Instagram generation are totally missing the point and thinking it will 'just come because, it does.' It does, with a mass amount of understanding, internal work, a genuine passion for good old fashion work, courage and commitment, teamed with a healthy respect for others.

The favourite, 'QUIT YOUR JOB, BUY A TICKET' crowd, don't. Content to talk about it on their way to work and dream of a 'better life' with their colleges, while the people working hard to create the life they want, do. As my Dad would say, "empty vassals make the most noise." Posting a quote without thinking you have to actually put some action behind somebody else's words is not inspiring to me.

So dedicated to those who share an image then act like a dick all day, is a simple guide to the basics of the Law of Attraction. Not that I think they'll read it, too busy for that, and if this all sounds like an alien language to you, just view this as tips to not shooting yourself in the foot every single day. #Believe.

Be grateful

The most important aspect of understanding this law, is gratitude. I give thanks every single night before I go to sleep (unless I'm busy, you get me, even then I nip to the bathroom and give thanks) for everything that's happened to me that day. From enjoying a coffee to signing a new deal: give thanks for the small things you receive each day and never take them for granted. The more you appreciate just how much is given to you freely, you'll get it - and then the big things roll up effortlessly.

Always help others

There is no better feeling than knowing you've helped someone out in any small or large way if you can. Unless you're a selfish c**t then, stop reading this. There is however a difference between sacrifice and giving: giving feels good and sacrifice feels obliging. You shouldn't have to behave in a certain way to please someone, that's going to feel heavy. When you give from your heart, on your whim, it feels wonderful.

Stop moaning, right now

Work, a shitty sales assistant, or your boyfriend's choice of underwear; you may not think your whining is negatively affecting your life, but it is. When something pisses you off, accept it, then release it and move on with your day. The more you think or talk about something negative, the more power you give it to continue to annoy you and ruin your day. You're also blocking all the good things coming to you; it's a double loss. Why would you want to do that? Let it go motherfunkers.

Live in the present

Whenever I come across negative people they always reference the past. "This happened to me once, like, a decade ago, so I'm NEVER going there again! Like ever." Wrong. Love your past choices and experiences, use them as fuel for a more informed future, but leave them where they belong - in the past. Don't worry about the future, you're not there yet. Saturate yourself with today, this moment, this feeling, and this version of yourself. That will determine your future.

Don't be a bitch

Really don't. Bitching about someone else may feel good to you at the time but check yourself sister. Why are you really doing it? You can't be that happy with yourself and those comments will also come back to slap you in your pretty face one way or another. So do yourself a favour and zip it. List all the things you like about that person instead. You'll feel much better.

Don't be Jel

My friends collectively already possess many of the things I desire in life: a US visa, wonderful partner, red carpet glory and stacks of cash. Am I jel? No. I am deeply happy for them as I know that when you see and hear about the things you hope for in life happening to someone close, you are on the right path to receiving them too, YES. Similar to giving thanks, be as happy as the person receiving what you want - because you're close too.