23/06/2014 12:53 BST | Updated 23/08/2014 06:59 BST

Its Time for Roy Hodgson to Quit

To be completely honest it was never time for him to even step into the role of the England manager. His track record is weak and it's questionable how he was selected in the first place or why. I believe his selection was because he's someone that wouldn't cause the FA any trouble and would just get on with it.

The miserable start to this World Cup despite, having a collection of talented players, is enough to show Hodgson's style and tactics are not up to scratch at the international stage.

Take the Spain v Chile game as an example to help us put it into perspective. You have the World and European cup winners playing Chile, who I would argue are an inferior team (on paper), than England. They have some good talent but man-to-man I would say England have the better team. Yet Chile came out against Spain and ran them off the field, displaying almost no fear, and absolutely destroyed the Spanish. They had hunger, they had desire and they had a winning mentality despite 10 previous defeats to the Spanish. That is exactly what England are lacking, that cut-throat, no-fear attitude when they come up on the pitch, and that is exactly what a manager should be asking for and instilling in his players. Roy Hodgson has shown he is way out his depth from two failed campaigns now - the European Championship and now this World Cup. It's time for him to step aside.

We need a manager that has a strong personality, that can shake these players up into performing with hunger, desire and passion to bring the best out of them. Although he would never manage the team, and has said as much, we need someone like Sir Alex Ferguson to take command and get the best out of the players we have.

We have some good managers to consider should they ever decide to leave their club - Roberto Martinez has made Moyes' work at Everton look very ordinary, instilling a fearless attitude and they pushed Arsenal for a champions league spot. Brendan Rodgers has done fantastic work in changing Liverpool into an attacking team and pushed Man City to their limit too.

There are clearly better alternatives available and its time for Hodgson to move on and quit, before repairing and rebuilding the team's confidence becomes an even bigger task than it is now. Currently, if we're not able to beat the likes of Italy and Uruguay when they are not even at their best, then we don't deserve to be in this competition at all, let alone praying for Costa Rica to lose. Lose and then what? Watch us get demolished in the next round to another weaker team? Is Roy really going to inspire the players enough to challenge for the World Cup after these two losses, even if we scrape through now? I doubt it - in fact I would bet my house on disappointment looming for us English fans and its best we see this now rather than later and accept our fate. Our manager has done a poor job in his last two competitions and he needs to now put his hands up and take responsibility.